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FSPs (1.png) or Fallen Sword Points are the true currency of FallenSword.

FSPs can be used for a variety of upgrades to your character or guild. They are also used to buy items at the auction house. The most popular and powerful items are only traded for FSP and cannot be bought with gold.

Getting FSPs

The most common ways to acquire FSPs are the following:

  • Donating to the game. This means trading real-world money for in-game money.
  • Recruiting friends to the game.
  • Doing the various free FSP offers.
  • Buying them from the marketplace for gold earned in game.
  • Selling items to other players at the auction house.
  • Selling things, such as buffs to players.

Exchange Rate With Gold

While the rate has increased over time, it has for a long time been been possible to exchange between gold and FSPs in the game. The game has an official exchange rate through the upgrade screen which is 50,000 gold per FSP (July 2009). The upgrade screen only lets you exchange in one direction, from FSP to gold. This limitation, in combination with the fact that it only works in one direction makes it a less profitable alternative.

A better place to trade is the marketplace which allows trading in both directions. Since you trade with other players, the price will be market driven, with supply and demand controlling the price. Currently (December 2012) the price at the marketplace is between 195,000 and 230,000 gold per FSP.

It is of course also possible to negotiate prices with other players outside of the marketplace and can be done safely using the secure trade feature.

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