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Abbreviations are common in internet chats and Fallen Sword is no exception. The guild chat, shout box, FSBox are all full of these abbreviations. This page tries to collect all these with a short explanation of each.


Fallen Sword Abbreviations

These abbreviations are specific to the game.

General FS Terms

Certain terms and abbreviations are general and appears both in this wiki and in the game. Here are some of the most common ones.

Term More info Description
AH Auction House "Auction House", the place where people can trade items with each other.
BB Bounty Board The bounty board is where players who have a price on their head is listed.
BP Backpack "Backpack". Where you store items you aren't currently wearing.
Buffs Skills Guide Spells cast on players to enhance their stats or to give some other benefit.
depo Bank "Deposit". Putting gold into the bank - either the personal bank or the guild bank.
FF Hell Forge "Fully Forged" refers to an item that is fully upgraded in the hell forge.
FSP Fallen Sword Point A currency in the game.
GS "Guild Store". The "backpack" that is common for the entire guild
GvG Guild Conflicts Guild vs Guild. A conflict where two guilds fight PvP battles between each other.
HCS HCS Hunted Cow Studios - the company that develops the game.
Hunting Hunting Loose term referring to a player killing creatures to level up. This is what you typically spend most of your time doing in Fallen Sword.
LE Legendary Event "Legendary Events" - an event during which there are special creatures with powerful items available for hunting.
MP Marketplace The location where players can trade gold for fallen sword points and vice versa.
pot/pots Potions "Potions" - items that contains a one-time buff.
PvE - Player vs. Enemy. Combat taking place between a player and creatures.
PvP PvP Player vs. Player. Combat taking place between two players in the game.
SE Super Elite Beasts "Super Elites". Extra powerful and extremely rare creatures. Many players hunt these due to their valuable drops.
SE Hunter Super Elite Hunter A player who is hunting super elites.
ST Secure Trade "Secure Trade", a player-to-player trade mechanism.


Since there's limited space in both the character profile and the shout box/FSBox, buffs for sale is often abbreviated. This list contains the most common abbreviations but you may encounter other examples.

Term(s) Buff Name
Ab Absorb
AL Adept Learner
AM Animal Magnetism
AS Arterial Strike
Ass Assist
AP, AoP Aura of Protection
Ber, Bzk, Bz Berserk
BT,Blood, Bloodthirst
BM Buff Master
CS,Chi Chi Strike
Con Conserve
Const Constitution
CA Counter Attack
DC Dark Curse
DD Death Dealer
DW Deathwish
DP Deep Pockets
 ? Defiance
 ? Deflect
Db,Dbl Doubler
DE,Dull Dull Edge
EM, Emp Empower
EW Enchant Weapon
EA Enchanted Armor
Ev Evade
 ? Extend
 ? Extractor
FI Find Item
 ? Flinch
FS Force Shield
 ? Fortify
4L,FL Four Leaf
Fu,Fury Fury
GV Great Vigor
HF Holy Flame
Ign Ignite
Inv Inventor
Inv2 Inventor II
KE Keen Edge
LD Last Ditch
Lib Librarian
LF Light Foot
 ? Mastersmith
Mer Merchant
Mes,Mez Mesmerize
NV Nightmare Visage
QF Quest Finder
Rage Rage
 ? Reflection
RS Rock Skin
 ? Sanctuary
 ? Savagery
SA Shatter Armor
SS Shield Strike
SW Shockwave
SK Spectral Knight
SB Spell Breaker
 ? Stun
Imp, SSI Summon Shield Imp
SES Super Elite Slayer
 ? Terrorize
TH Treasure Hunter
Unb Unbreakable
Vis Vision
With Wither

General Internet Slang

Term Description
LoL Laugh Out Loud. Basically means that you thought something was funny.
ROTFLOL Rolling on the Floor, Laugh Out Loud. A stronger version of LoL.
BrB Be Right Back. Meaning you will be gone for a (short) while.
AFK Away From Keyboard. You are currently not in front of your computer

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