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Hunting is a term used to describe a player killing creatures in order to gain XP and gold. This is what most people do when playing Fallen Sword.



Main article: One-Hit Setup

The key to do effective hunting is to maximize damage so that you can one-hit your creatures. For lower levels, up to circa level 150, this is not a problem, but when your character starts to reach level 200 it becomes harder to find the right gear. In some higher level areas, you will be happy if you manage to two-hit your opponents.

The legendary and super elite sets provide a good foundation for equipment for those that can afford it or have a guild which has access to these items and sets. It is also possible to use cheaper items, like the rare or unique items.

You should always try to have at least one complete set, since almost all sets give you 100% of the Elite Hunter enhancement.

When One-Hit Is Not Possible

As mentioned above, you will come across levels when you simply cannot one-hit your enemies. At those levels, you need to make sure your equipment allows you to survive being hit by the creatures or else you will die and loose both XP and gold.

In short, make sure your armor is higher than the enemy's damage + 10% and you should be fine in most cases. See Stats for an in-depth explanation of the stats system in the game.


Main article: Skills Guide

Buffs improve your character for a certain time (usually between one and a couple of hours). Your character can learn skills over time as it levels up, but there will be times when you need to buy buffs or potions from other players.

XP & Gold

The mandatory buffs for hunting, regardless of level, are Adept Learner and Librarian since they directly influence how much XP you gain by killing creatures. As for gold, Treasure Hunter and Merchant are two basic buffs that increase your gold gain. On top of these, Doubler is a very common hunting buff since it makes the hunt more efficient. All these five buffs are very easy to acquire, and there are always people selling them if you do not have them yourself.

Other useful hunting buffs that are slightly harder to get (but not very hard) are:

  • Conserve - lets you hunt more creatures using the same amount of stamina
  • Animal Magnetism - creatures may respawn after they are killed, meaning less walk and more killing.


At the beginning, up to about level 150 you will have no problem killing your creatures with just one hit. But after that, the creatures get tougher and you will need buffs to help you kill them faster. The following buffs are useful when you require two or more hits to kill your creatures:

Avoiding Death

Unless you one-hit your creatures, you will be hit by them and at that point it is important that you can survive. The following buffs help escape death:

  • Last Ditch - small chance to survive a death.
  • Absorb - reduces the damage done to you.
  • Summon Shield Imp - will fully absorb hits done to you. Note that this has a limited amount of hits it can take and will de-buff when all hit points are consumed.

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