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Founded: ReFounded March 2008
Founder(s): DEANCALDAR
Leader(s): ArusDaryl
Allies: RaR
The Raging Nooblets
Warriors of Oblivion
A Bad Guild Full Of Good People
Enemies: [none]
Website: You're looking at it
Fallensword Page: CENTERFUGE
Recuiting: YES
This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.



Only the Rank Requirements and Member's News are up to date

In the end of the new world one god will stand alone to create an alliance of kings, of riches and power. With these powers combined their alliance will be unstoppable.



CENTERFUGE is a guild for anyone who feels like being included in our groups and benefits and does not mind putting in a little effort for everyone else. If you would like to join, send in a request or Contact our Commander.


In the Beginning
CENTERFUGE was origionally founded by a mighty group of warriors, who evidently disbanded and spread apart into various guilds such as Forsaken Kings and The United Nations. CENTERFUGE was dependant completely on a lone warrior, rynx, who had also mysteriously disappeared. April 2008

With no motivation to run a successful guild, DEANCALDAR then appointed ArusDaryl, who reorganized the remaining troops, and recruited as well. Included in ArusDaryl's efforts were contributing massive amounts of FSP, with which to establish an organized ranking system, create an agreeable system of rules, set up guild item tagging, and create a this Wikipedia page. After a brief stay in TEQ, rynx has returned with his brother Colbent to back ArusDaryl.

May 2008

Since the powerful warriors had left CENTERFUGE, All of the guild's collected XP was lost, and had remained locked at exactly 1,538,032. Now CENTERFUGE has made a miraculous recovery, collecting XP from the victorious members, and finally breaking this lock. Since then CENTERFUGE has been rapidly expanding in power.

Why You Should Join CENTERFUGE

  • 1) Members use Free Buffs on each other when active simultaneously. (See Offered Buffs)
  • 2) Many items are often available for borrowing. They are usually very powerful. (See Tagged Items)

"What Do I Need To Do?"

  • To Join, fill out a registration here.
If you are over level 12, include a list of your 3 most powerful Skills and points allocated.
  • What we require of members
-We ask that each member donate a share of gold, relevant to their level and rank, to the guild.
-All members must be active consistently.
 Active meaning using stamina hunting and fulfilling the duties relative to their rank.
 -When a member fails to be active, under certain circumstances they are temporarily removed.

Guild News

Current Poll

Current Objective

Expanding member slots.

Status: ( 5 / 40 )

Member's News

ArusDaryl Logs in daily; hunts occasionally.
xbebx I'm gone on a trip, will be gone almost 2 weeks.
Gigioglvz Not enough time to log in.
Kamiku Will not be logging on often.
Lorilean Will not be logging on often.

Members, Ranks, and Contributions

Members listed in order of XP contributions
As of 16/Aug/2009

Member Name Rank Level Contributed XP Contributed 1.png Join Date Recruited
xbebx Commander 226 22,481,172 250++ 1.png May 08 ArusDaryl
Colbent Berserker 372 8,428,075 34 1.png July 09 rynx
taggarss Berserker 153 7,125,051 18 1.png August 08 ArusDaryl
ikanc Commander 123 5,501,938 63+ 1.png April 08 ArusDaryl
ArusDaryl Guild Founder and CEO 130 4,425,582 700? 1.png February 08 rynx
Sugars Berserker 130 4,219,247 12 1.png Original Member
Ardhi Bruce Lee 97 1,809,406 12 1.png March 09 ArusDaryl
rynx Master of Destruction 232 1,550,087 2 1.png Original Member TLaMar57
DEANCALDAR (Original) Founder 89 1,359,491 11 1.png Original Founder
krinkleman Destroyer of Worlds 87 1,333,254 5 1.png May 09 ArusDaryl
AmberRune Bruce Lee 83 1,088,385 25 1.png April 08 ArusDaryl
grillito15 Master of Destruction 79 964,578 3 1.png December 08 taggarss
1ForeZ1 Destroyer of Worlds 79 963,247 5 1.png April 09 ArusDaryl
keeya Destroyer of Worlds 78 917,284 5 1.png August 08 Dragonx50
Lorilean Honorary Absence 65 546,891 58 1.png July 08 ikanc
Kamiku Honorary Absence 54 301,163 28 1.png June 08 ikanc
Gigioglvz Gone AWOL 52 281,486 10 1.png Original Member rynx
AyiaNapa Master of Destruction 50 240,825 2 1.png April 09 ArusDaryl
MacGuerrin Lord of War 33 82,133 0 1.png June 09 ArusDaryl
BenForte Soldier of Doom 29 49,385 2 1.png October 08 xbebx
Tadesu Soldier of Doom 27 33,538 0 1.png August 09 ArusDaryl
malik101 Minion of Pain 13 2,438 0 1.png August 09 Ardhi
lee121690 Minion of Pain 15 410 0 1.png August 09 Ardhi
sanjikun Player Terminated 58 343,028 1 1.png May 08 ArusDaryl

  • Every 100,000 gold donated is also represented by 1 1.png
  • Donated tagging items and Crafting/Hell Forging on tagged items are evaluated and represented by 1.png
Commanding Leaders
Active Members
Inactive Members

Offered Skills

Skills are to be offered to all online members with > 300 Stamina. Skills are to be FREE for CENTERFUGE Troops always.

Below is a list of each member's strongest skills, based on the skill points added since last recorded, with members listed as they are on the guild Fallen Sword Page

DEANCALDAR Treasure Hunter Fortify Find Item Fury and Rage
ArusDaryl Librarian Adept Learner Find Item Merchant Enchant Weapon Treasure Hunter
xbebx Treasure Hunter Adept Learner Librarian Merchant Last Ditch Animal Magnetism Doubler Conserve Deflect Wither
ikanc Treasure Hunter Adept Learner Merchant Find Item
Rynx Berserk Enchant Weapon Dark Curse Unbreakable Adept Learner Librarian Merchant Animal Magnetism Empower Rage Fury Treasure Hunter
Sugars Rage Adept Learner Fury
taggarss Treasure Hunter Bloodthirst
1ForeZ1 Treasure Hunter Absorb Rage Enchant Armor
Gigioglvz Rage Fury
AmberRune Bloodthirst Adept Learner Absorb
Kamiku Adept Learner Treasure Hunter Rage Great Vigor
Lorilean Adept Learner Treasure Hunter

Skill Points
Skill Points
Skill Points
Skill Points
Skill Points
Skill Points
Inactive Player

Tagged Items

Our tagged items are changing so often that it would be pointless to list them now.

Item Sets

Individual Items


System of Ranks

  • All rank names can be changed by a 100% agreement from all members assigned that rank at the time.

Rank Requirements

Mainstream Ranks
Rank Name Level Required XP Requirement Gold Taxed and Deposited Activity Requirement
Berserker 110 2,000,000 1,000,000 2 Weeks
Master of Destruction 50 150,000 150,000 5 Days
Lord of War 30 40,000 50,000 3 Days
Soldier of Doom 20 10,000 10,000 1 Day
Minion of Pain 12 0 0 None

  • Note: Any one requirement can be overlooked if the others are thoroughly met
  • Note: Each deposited FSP counts as 100,000 deposited Gold
  • Note: Mainstream ranks may be associated to unqualified members through donations of Gold and FSP

(For XP Contributions see Members, Ranks, and Contributions.)

Trust Ranks
  • Trust Ranks are granted upon request only and after the designated approval rate is met. They have more privileges than their corresponding Mainstream Ranks, and as such, they are more difficult to earn.
Rank Name Mainstream Rank Achieved Gold Taxed and Deposited Skills + Groups Approval
Chuck Norris Berserker 2 mil 400 100%
Bruce Lee Destroyer of Worlds 1 mil 200 75%
Superman Clark Kent 2 mol 1 mil 105%

  • Note: "Skills + Groups" refers to # of skills used on guild members + # of groups joined (not created)
  • Note: The rate of approval comes from the votes of all commanding leaders and Chuck Norris
  • Note: Each deposited FSP counts as 100,000 deposited [[Gold]

Rank Privileges ("Why should I bother?")

Mainstream Rank Privileges

These ranks are granted in accordance to the Mainstream Ranks chart

  • Minion of Pain
Can create attack groups
Receives bonuses from guild structures
Access to guild chat
Receives Skills from fellow members
Access to guild store (See Rules)
Access to tagged items
  • Soldier of Doom
All previous privileges
Last priority for participation in guild conflict
Can send mass messages
Can recruit
Is given a space on Member's News section of wiki
  • Lord of War
All previous privileges
Can hire and fire Mercenaries
Can initiate Guild Conflicts
Slight leeway for inactivity
  • Master of Destruction
All previous privileges
Can view guild Advisor
Decent leeway for inactivity
  • Destroyer of Worlds
All previous privileges
Loans (up to to 50% of total contribution)
Unlikely to be removed from inactivity
  • Berserker
All previous privileges
Can change guild logo when appropriate
Can recall tagged items when necessary
Last to be removed for inactivity
Trust Rank Privileges

These ranks are granted in accordance to the Trust Ranks chart

  • Bruce Lee (In addition to "Destroyer of Worlds")
Can destroy everyone except Jesus and Chuck Norris
Can break any ego except Brad Pitt and Al Gore
Can change Guild History and Logo
Can recall tagged items when necessary
  • Chuck Norris (In addition to "Berserker")
Can kill 2 stones with 1 bird
Can eat just ONE Lay's Potato Chip
Can slam a revolving door
Can touch MCHammer
Can cure cancer with his tears. Unfortunately, doesn't cry
Can Edit Guild History
Can buy guild Upgrades
Can Tag and Untag items
  • Superman (In addition to Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper)
Faster than a speeding bullet
More powerful than a locomotive
Can leap tall buildings in a single bound
Is not a bird or plane
Can bend steel with bear hands
Can change the course of mighty rivers
(Some people wear his pajamas)
Wears Chuck Norris pajamas
Doesn't really exist


Rules of Guild Store

1. One slot should be left open in the guild store at all times. If an item is occupying the second slot of the guild store for more than a few minutes it can be taken or destroyed without notice.

2. Any item left in the guild store overnight is up for grabs by guild members, unless otherwise specified. If the item is tagged, make sure you are the proper rank before taking.

3. Your own personal items are not to be left in "day care" at the guild store. Anything left in the guild store becomes guild property.

4. No member is allowed to have more than 9 tagged items in their inventory or equipped. A. Commanders are exempt from this rule.

I will have the rest of the rules up eventually, don't nag me.


Guidelines are not officially rules, but are expected behaviors of guild members

I will have guidelines up eventually, don't nag me.

Member's Notes


  • Entire wiki formatted, written, and updated consistently by ArusDaryl
  • Opening Picture and Quote by uberfiend1