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Soldier of Doom of CENTERFUGE

A warrior who is loyal to CENTERFUGE and leaves everything he has to make it as important as anyone else.


Gigioglvz came into the Fallensword world on february 4th, 2008, and quickly learned about the harms of a place full of warriors and creatures. It was until he met rynx who let Gigioglvz to join CENTERFUGE. After that, Gigioglvz had a purpose in this land, and he left everything behind to reinforce this crew where he felt like home. When rynx departed to a new lifestyle, Gigioglvz thought in look for a new air, but something told him to aid that place where he was confortable, and gave his loyalty to ArusDaryl in this reformation.



Category Name Points Image Payment Best for
Offense Fury 80 2_b.gif 800 0.png Everyone