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Joined: February 9th, 2008
Name: ArusDaryl
Guild Title: Guild Founder and CEO
Allies: Ichigo000, ikanc, Kyana, Sergio990, SilKnight, xbebx
Enemies: I have no enemies
Medals: 5_4.gif 8_1.gif 9_1.gif
Auction House: ArusDaryl's Auctions
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Commander of CENTERFUGE

"With no motivation to run a successful guild, DEANCALDAR then appointed ArusDaryl, who reorganized the remaining troops, and recruited as well. Included in ArusDaryl's efforts were contributing massive ammounts of FSP, with which to establish an organized ranking system, create an agreeable system of rules, set up guild item tagging, and create a very snazzy-looking Wikipedia page."

ArusDaryl's Bio

Highest Rank: 9,569
Name: Andrew

Don't ask me to leave or merge my guild.

If you don't want to be bountied, return lost gold.
LOST gold, not STOLEN: Simple.


Category Name Points Image Payment Best for
Special Librarian 135 20_b.gif 5,000 0.png Gaining Levels
Special Merchant 135 21_b.gif 5,000 0.png Earning Gold
Special Adept Learner 135 19_b.gif 5,000 0.png Gaining Levels
Special Treasure Hunter 135 17_b.gif 5,000 0.png Earning Gold
Special Find Item 135 16_b.gif 5,000 0.png Hunting
Champions and Elites
Offense Enchant Weapon 135 5_b.gif 5,000 0.png High Level Players
All 25,000 0.png A lot of Stamina