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Joined: 12/Feb/2008
Name: greggacam
Guild: Minions of Hate
Guild Title: Cursed Dark Tormentor 3mil
Allies: damien06, djchu, Elmo2lars, Frosta, TDA
Enemies: Ardentfros, gmeyer, maynoth, MyButtChin, Yhtomyt
Medals: 5_2.gif


Auction House: Auction House
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Signature:  Greggacam [Talk Message PM Contributions] Get your own signature here.

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Level: 130
Attack: 589
Defense: 79
Armor: 751
Damage: 1488
HP: 51

PvP Rating: 1,695
Arena Wins: 0
Max Stamina: 1,165

Progress to 131:

Best Hits

I may have higher hits but I only see a few of them. This list is of what I've seen. Click on each hit to see a screenshot.

greggacam hits Ipos Hellion for 3622 damage. (Critical Hit)
greggacam hits Mud Monster for 3776 damage. (Piercing Strike, Critical Hit)
greggacam hits Hydra for 3873 damage. (Critical Hit)


Rknight23 told me about this game on 2/11/08, and I joined shortly after on 2/12/08. After two months, Rknight23 quit the game saying he was "bored" of the repetitive leveling process, but I did not follow suit. I have been playing this game daily ever since that magical 2/12/08, excluding a 5-day vacation in late April.


Date Description
5/13/08 Reached level 100
5/28/08 Loyalty (Silver) Medal
6/17/08 Adventurer (Bronze) Medal
Present Ranked 6,750th of ~1.8 million members


Status Description
quest_complete.gif Reach level 120 to use Mancrusha Set
quest_complete.gif Get Adventurer (Bronze) Medal
quest_incomplete.gif Get Accepted into the Old School Bounty Hunters
quest_incomplete.gif Reach level 135 to use Flaming Baron Set
quest_incomplete.gif Get Loyalty (Gold) Medal
quest_incomplete.gif Get Bounty Master (Bronze) Medal
quest_incomplete.gif Get Adventurer (Silver) Medal


You can see all the gear I use at User:Greggacam/Gear.


Read about my skills for sale at User:Greggacam/Skills.

Quest Book

See my Quest Book at User:Greggacam/QuestBook.


Here are all the buffers I frequently use:


damien06 Profile

ksmkumar Profile

MyButtChin Profile

Ardentfros Profile

maynoth Profile

Yhtomyt Profile

Tingis Profile

parisatis Profile

Animal Magnetism

damien06 Profile

PabloBison Profile

Tingis Profile

If you would like to be added to the list please PM me.


damien06 Profile - Guild Founder and a great guy

Frosta Profile - Guild Founder of my old guild, Camelot, who never left my memory

TDA Profile - Probably the coolest guy in FallenSword

djchu Profile - Admin of our guild site and the closest non-member to our guild

Elmo2lars Profile - Life saver of my guild

Useful Tools

Mowglik's Maps
Find Buffers
FallenSword Guide
Tharnakus's Plugin
FallenSword Calculators
Linkification for FireFox
Experience Calculator

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