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Minions of Hate
Founder: damien06
Allies: Besten, Deadly Spiders, Forsaken Nights, The Forlorn Hope, The Order of High Sorcery, Omega, Fallen Castle, The Culling, The Dreaming Knights of Eld, Shadow Warriors, Werewolves of the silver moon, The Peoples Army, Legion Of Steel, For Fracks Sake, Guardians of the Light, Tortured Souls
NAPs: Vampire Blood
Guild Listing: Guild Page
Website: Minions of Hate

If level 5+ contact KumaChan. If you can't be active please don't request. Also if you're in the wall of shame don't apply.


Major Ranks

These are the major ranks (non-XP related) of the Minions of Hate.

Rank Name Description
Guild Founder damien06 The overall leader, the Guild Founder has the final say in every guild decision.
Hecate morbid3 The Hecate deals with all Allies and NAPs.
Hippo of Sorcery woltter The Hippo of Sorcery deals with all relics. If you capture a relic, she'll be the first one to defend it!
Hoarder of Hate Elmo2lars The Hoarder of Hate keeps track of all guild-locked items and accepts gold from other guild members to donate to the guild.
Summoner KumaChan The Summoner is in charge of all recruiting in the guild.
Forger from the Black Flame 1789 The Forger from the Black Flame does all the forging within the guild. He has many FSPs to Perfectly craft many items.

XP Ranks

XP Rank
12,000,000 Demented Impaler
7,000,000 Infamous Bringer of Plagues
3,000,000 Cursed Dark Tormentor
1,000,000 Soul Engulfer
300,000 Bezerker
75,000 Slayer
5,000 Lesser Champion
0 Dark Minion