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PM me here to ask for these buffs. Any non-payers will be posted on the forum as well as the FSBox as a dishonest player. Read below about my Discount List.

Name Level Image Price
Adept Learner 135 19_b.gif 2,000 0.png
Treasure Hunter 135 17_b.gif 2,000 0.png
Librarian 135 20_b.gif 2,000 0.png
Merchant 135 21_b.gif 2,000 0.png
Absorb 135 13_b.gif 2,000 0.png

You may buy all 5 for 9k.

I also keep a discount list, for players who buy from me frequently. Just a small tribute to loyal players. They get buffs for 1.5k each. You can get on my discount list by buying from me about 5 times.

Discount List