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Joined: 2008-09-07
Name: rrr2go
Medals: 8_1.gif 5_1.gif
Guild: Solo Players
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The character of rrr2go was created by me on 2008-09-07. This is a first-time character and it might be necessary to note that this character is beeing played with a first-time-right strategy in mind. No secondary helping (additional auction and backpack slots and money deposits) character or guild is used... which might be a conservative idea for some.

Interesting milestones so far:

  • 2008-09-07: Solo player until about Level 12.
  • 2008-09-12: Accepted invitation from Fjodr to join Lost knight Guild (ID 30978) in order to try out what the FallenSword Guild system is like. The decision to join them instead of any other dozens of Guilds send out invitations, was merely based on a thorough comparison of their Guild structure statistics.
  • 2008-09-14: Equipped legendary guild-tagged 3 part Raggghzas Set out of Guild store and immensly enhanced character's monster slaying capabilities.
  • 2008-09-17: Even though beeing in a guild, decision was made to play from now on without guild-tagged legendary (and mostly fully forged or otherwise enhanced) Item Sets in order to determine FallenSword's difficulty degree. As my character has not participated yet in a Legendary Event and money/FSP-wise can't afford to buy these sets within the next 100 levels or so, it would be -under the given circumstances- an oxymoron to wear such items. What you can't afford, you should not get. Just like in real life.
  • 2008-09-20: Managed to solve first 25 quests with standard equipment and was awarded with Adventurer's Bronze medal. Also joined FallenSword's Wiki in order to enhance content.
  • 2008-09-21: Left Lost knight.
  • 2008-10-03: It was a nightmare to buy FSPs ever since as obviously some super-dedicated people always snagged away all FSPs right away from the Marketplace... too quick in my opinion (say usage of AutoBuyer Bots). Now finally it got so much more easier to buy FSPs as this second Update was implemented by Hunted Cow Studios as of today. I was actually just trying to get more than a dozen of FSPs for about 20 frustating minutes when suddenly a Security Code was additionally needed. Immediately i was able to slowly select from a variety of FSP offers, enter the 5-digit Security Code, put in 16 as amount of wanted FSPs and hit the submit button. I got them. Thanks HCS. And sorry for you guys complaining about it... What a milestone!
  • 2008-10-08: Loyalty Bronze Award and First Bounty Kill accomplished
  • 2008-10-16: Level 61 and now averaging for the first time over 100 XP per slay. All done without fully forged guild-tagged legendary equipment, Relic bonuses or Guild Structure enhancements for the character.
  • 2008-10-29: Participated on todays Legendary Event and received a Ghostly Corset drop after first kill of Zaria the Vengeful (Legendary). No further drops after 21 more kills.
  • 2008-11-06: Biggest mistake (yes that's a milestone as well) so far: sold a BlackDeath potion for 3 gold instead of 3 FSP. Well done after 6 failed Jademare extractions to make that potion...
  • 2008-11-13: Ranked within the first 20.000 players now for the first time. After 2 month easy playing and with a minor investment of $15, no guild, no guild equipment, no relic bonuses and not asking other players for free buffs, that's a pretty neat achievement.
  • 2008-12-09: Reached Level 100 after 3 months. All on my own for at least 85 levels, without doubler and without making this game a real-world money sink :)
  • 2008-12-19: Loyalty Silver Award

More details if they arise.

Character Investment (TCO)

Playing a good desgined game is always fun. It's even more fun if it's free and meanwhile still offers a relatively well-balanced gaming experience. 2 donations within a justifiable scope to support the further development of FallenSword were placed:

Killing two birds with one stone this $15 investment (equals 72 FSPs) also enhanced the gameplay and made it much more smoother by adding:

  • 2 backpack slots
  • 2 auction slots
  • 100 stamina

The spare FSPs (as i donated on the "20%-additional-FSP-day") were saved to have a future buffer in case money runs low.

  • 2008-10-11: Added 1 additional Backpack slot (15 FSPs) and 150 Stamina (30 FSPs) from generated money.
  • 2008-11-06: Added 50 Stamina (10 FSPs) from generated money.


Character CashFlow

Currently ~500.000 gold on bank account and a stash of 14 precious FSPs.


Applying only the skills available at rrr2go's current level, down to the present day Experience Points (XPs) were collected merely old-school style... without using the Doubler skill, paying for other player's skills (3rd party "Level Package" buffing), or even spending "Upgrade" FSPs to gain XPs. During my 10-day-tryout-Guild-time though, i received buffs about 6 times from fellow guild members, which were appreciated.
Solving Quests, slaying creatures with the Elite Hunter enhancement enabled (through affordable Item Sets), and after reaching Level 25 applying my own Adept Learner skill plus the default standard gain of 2 XP per hour added up to 9.814.091 XPs which equals Level 100.

Progress to next level:

As the Adept Learner skill can only be learned at Level 25 and higher, wisely 100 Skill Points were saved upfront in order to max it out and take advantage of the enhanced XP gain the minute Level 25 was reached. This immediately ensured the highest possible amount of XP gained per creature slay without beeing dependant on any other player or guild.
The only skills used for leveling are Treasure Hunter and Adept Learner (both currently Level 105) and lately also AL potions in order to safe stamina. Beeing over Level 75 -but still saving skill points for future skills- the need for the Librarian and Blood Fist skill potions arised in order to level up once a day and to prevent 2-hit fights with the Skull Horrors (current hunt for Level 82 to 85).

More details if they arise.

KillStreak Records

Up till today FallenSword was beeing played undefeated with 9 exceptions shown here. These records have been achieved without using legendary or guild tagged fully-forged items.

Date Level KS Lost vs. NPC Note
2008-12-09 100 2.423 undefeated
49.963 total
2008-12-04 96 8.814 Swamp Tree Anaconda Piercing Strike w/108 damage
2008-11-23 88 242 Ice Snake Piercing Strike w/37 damage
2008-11-20 87 2.473 Ice Skull Piercing Strike
2008-11-17 85 14.586 Ice Skull Piercing Strike w/37 damage
2008-10-22 65 2.751 Kraken the Guardian (Elite) Piercing Strike w/123 damage
2008-10-16 61 5.934 Grofflesnout Lord Hit with 12 deadly damage
2008-10-09 51 10.021 Venus Man Trap (duh!)
2008-09-20 25 4.021 Telovien (Elite) lost as guilded Attack Group
2008-09-10 12 1.121 Ionlad the Brute (Elite) Solo Player

Average XP per Creature & Statistics

Dividing the total accumulated XPs (minus Quest XPs) by the total amount of killed creatures (according to the KillStreak table to the right) results currently in an average of 186 XP-gain per killed creature since starting the game.


Image Date Days Name Progress
0_1.gif Bounty Master Bronze
5_3.gif 2009-xx-xx Loyalty Gold
5_2.gif 2008-12-19 101 Loyalty Silver
8_2.gif Adventurer Silver
5_1.gif 2008-10-08 30 Loyalty Bronze
8_1.gif 2008-09-20 13 Adventurer Bronze


Since today no buffs were bought (or sold) from other players... making it an autarkic gaming experience.

Category Name Points Stamina Duration
Specials 21_sm.gif Merchant 105/105 10 60 min
Specials 19_sm.gif Adept Learner 105/105 10 90 min
Specials 17_sm.gif Treasure Hunter 105/105 15 120 min
Specials 16_sm.gif Find Item 105/105 10 60 min

Non-Standard Creature Encounters

Critical Ownage Hits

Note: These were all done without any offensive buff enhancements or legendary equipment.

Extraction Rate

Plant Fail Success Success Rate
Amber 1 3
Blood Bloom 2 5
Dark Shade 4 5
Heffle Wart 4 9
Jademare 11 4
Trinettle 10 13


The character's current level allows him to complete 60 possible Quests.

Solved Quests

56 of them are solved with a reward of 63.725 XPs total.

  • The first wave of 25 quests (level 1 to 20) accumulate to 13.023 XP (minus 1.000 XP for the yet unsolved Legendary Event Quest "Plagued Recharge" and 108 XP for the Mercy Mission).
  • The second wave of 15 quests (level 21 to 40) sums up to 12.250 XP total (minus 700 XP of unsolved quests).
  • The third wave of 8 quests (level 41 to 60) is worth a total of 12.125 XPs.
  • The fourth wave of 8 quests (level 61 to 80) is worth a total of 18.475 XPs.
  • The fifth wave of 4 quests (level 81 to 100) is worth a total of 10.500 XPs.

Unfinished Quests

Level Name Map Reason Questbook
5 Mercy Mission Elya Plains (North) New Quest added 2008-11-13 by HCS Notes
20 Plagued Recharge Paladir Forest (West) Legendary Event Notes
32 The Burning Abyss Burning Abyss (Hellions Lair) Wasted already 1050 Stamina as Burning Hellion (Elite) apparantly has an annoyingly low Respawn Rate and about 15 players waiting for him to appear in order to kill him 5 times... in an area smaller than my bathroom: 5x5 fields. HCS need to fix this. Notes
40 Remnants of Corruption Amazon Encampment Corrupted Knight (Elite) invincible with current equipment Notes

Guild Invitations

After leaving the Lost knight guild on 2008-09-21 23:44 local time it took only 7 minutes for the first incoming invitation to join a new guild as shown in the table below (derived from character's log and Join Guild Invitation page). If it was the character performance, coincidence, sympathy due to the avatar, Mitleid or a systematic search for guildless players is unknown.
An astonishing (and partially even pretty stupid) creativity can be noticed looking at the fantastic guild rank titles. The witty ones (mostly in a negative sense) are marked using quotations.

Beeing a guildless player up to 10 invitations per average 400 stamina playing session were received: from Level 21 as well as Level 300 guilds. As of 2008-09-25 it was therefore necessary to filter out recently founded guilds... the table below will from now on only hold guilds which have reached already Level 300 at the time of asking.

FSDateFSTime means FallenSword's server time measurings, which is 4 hours ahead of our local timezone (GMT-5 US East Coast).



Credit, Info and Version

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