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Joined: 04/Jan/2007
Name: LittleJom
Guild: The White Dragon
Guild Title: Elder Wyrm
Allies: KorinDan, Maccus
Enemies: Detoxxx
Medals: Annual Service (Bronze) Loyalty (Bronze)
Auction House: My current auctions
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LittleJom started playing Fallen Sword on 04/Jan/2007. Although he started so early in the game, he occasionally takes long breaks in the game so as a result, he is a low level. Being recruited by no one into the game, and also by the guild, he eventually stumbled upon The white dragon guild.

00:29 05/Nov/2008 You have left the 'The white dragon' guild.

00:31 05/Nov/2008 You have officially joined the 'Greater Guardians' guild. You now have access to the Guild Management screen.

In here for a 2 week trial, we'll see how it goes.


Category Points Name Image Price
Specials 120 (+25) Treasure Hunter 17_sm.gif 7,500 gold_button.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Find Item 16_sm.gif 5,000 gold_button.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Adept Learner 19_sm.gif 5,000 gold_button.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Librarian 20_sm.gif 5,000 gold_button.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Merchant 21_sm.gif 5,000 gold_button.gif
Specials 75 (+25)


26_sm.gif 5,000 gold_button.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Defiance 18_sm.gif 7,500 gold_button.gif
Specials 120 (+25)

Animal Magnetism

24_sm.gif 10,000 gold_button.gif


Didn't bother getting more allies because everyone in my guild is basically one :)


My only saved enemy is Detoxxx and that is because he scammed The white dragon a long time ago before items could be tagged. Shame on him! We never got all of the items back either. Any other players on there are just cheap buffers!


Medal Name Progress
8_1.gif Adventurer (Bronze)
0_1.gif Bounty Master (Bronze)


My current lvl is 132.
Progress to next level:


Finished Quests

Anvil Reign
Balcksmith Upgrades I
Dreg March
Forest of Herbs
Orb of Corruption
The Burnt Hut
The Old Man
The Wounded Adventurer
Skulls of Horror

Unfinished Quests

Building Bridges
Cleanse the Caves
Drunkards Rambling
Eldoras Path
Souls of the Lost
Strange Findings
Tortured Spirits Tome
Tribal Rights



Credits go to PumaDiAce for this Wiki, I basically just copied his :P