Mercy Mission

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5 Elya Plains (North) (5,12) [none]



  1. Obtain Recipe of Bite Serum
  2. Obtain 1 Snake Eye and 1 Snake Venom Fang.
  3. Obtain 1 Potion Bottle (Round).
  4. Invent Bite Serum
  5. Go to Elya Plains (North) (5,12)


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Laying in the sand you find a wounded man clutching his swollen ankle.

The man slowly raises his head and looks at you, 'I was looking for some Snake Skins for a trader friend of mine, but got bitten. I can't move. I feel the venom seizing my muscles as we speak. Please get me some Bite Serum , take this Recipe, to learn the Recipe click on the Bite Serum Recipe item in your back pack. It will vanish and appear in the Inventing section found under Action Tab in the Main menu. The recipe will tell you the components you require to make the Bite Serum. The Components for the Bite Serum are extracted from the Snake Head Resource which can be taken from the Desert Snake, you can get the Potion Bottle (Round) from Tolwir's Stash south east of here. Please return when you have made the Bite Serum.

The Bitten Adventurer waits for you, 'Have you made the Bite Serum yet? Please be quick - I don't have much time.'

The Adventurer takes the Bite Serum gratefully, 'Thank you Warrior, I can feel the potion working. When its done I can continue with my task. Luck to you.' You receive 108 Xp