Proof of Death

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955 Karthak (SK Acquisitions) (2, 2) SK IV Medallion (Complete Clouded Sight)




  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Karthak (SK Vault 1) (2, 2)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Karthak (City Park) (6, 7)
  5. Invent Ginnies Jewelry Box
  6. Return to Karthak (City Park) (6, 7)
  7. Go to Karthak (Alchemy Quarter) (2, 12)


  • 6,299,564 XP

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The SK Offices are neat but without the luxury of establishment. Sathkaan sits behind a large desk. He looks up from his work and smiles at you. 'Ahh, good to see you again. I have received word that Miss Page is very pleased with your work. Which is even better. Another grateful Patron in the Mages Guild might bring us much business.'

He reaches out toward you, 'May I have the Medallion so I can notch it for you. Klines has... reminded me to do it.'

He takes the medallion from you, 'It seems a while ago somehow when I gave this to you for the first time. He notches the medallion, then gives it back. 'I'm pleased to see your success growing. Our prominence grows with it.'

You receive 1 x SK V Medallion

'But I must reward you for your efforts, if you go through the door to the north, you will find our Vault Wing. You may go to the first Vault on your left. You will find a Golem who will give you your reward. After you have got it, come back. I have another Contract for you.'

The Vault is cool but brightly lit. A tall statue looms before you. It blinks, then smiles. The Vault statue offers you an Helm.

The statue simply folds its arms and closes its eyes.

You should return to Sathkaan and find out what your next Contract is.'

You recieve 1 x SK Helm

Sathkaan is still sifting through piles of paper when you return, 'You got your reward?'

He nods, 'Those things make me nervous, they are just too quiet for my liking. You never know what they are thinking. Kline's idea to use them. Anyway your next Contract is in the City Park. You can catch some welcome sun after the Shambles gloom.'

He grins up at you, then returns to his paperwork.

The City Park is a warm and airy and place. A pleasant breeze moves the leaf laden branches. You are just enjoying the peace of the place when a scowling man approaches. 'Are you from SK Acquisitions? If so, you got that Medallion?'

He takes it, 'Good, you've done lots of jobs then. When you're ready, we can talk some more.'

You receive 1 x SK V Medallion

The Patron for the contract is a pillar of sorrow in the landscape of sunshine. 'You ready for the job?' He asks briskly.

His face darkens, 'My Daughter has vanished. My wife was handed a note by a friend of my Daughter's that she had run off with her Boyfriend. I did not approve of him. I know that we had our differences lately but she would not just run off without telling us. It's just not like her. But nobody will believe me, they keep saying she ran off. But I think it's that thief of a Boyfriend, he was always looking at our wealth!'

'The City Guard is now ignoring me. So I've turned to you, I need you to prove what happened to my daughter. One way or another. Not knowing her fate is killing me.'

'The only thing that was missing from her room was her jewelry box. The collection of the rings and bracelets we gave her as she was growing up. It was her pride and joy. I wrote a list of what it contained. Please find out what happened to my Ginnie.'

You receive 1 x Ginnies Jewelry Box List

The Ginnies Father waits for you in the bright sunshine. Though the suns warmth does not touch him. 'Have you found any signs of Ginnie?'

The Red Box sits in his hands. Tears flow down his cheeks as loss overcomes him. He opens it, 'I gave her the pendant for her sixteenth birthday you know. She loved it.' He snaps the box shut and closes his eyes against the pain of Ginnies death.

You are about to turn away when a runner comes up to you. 'Sir, I must speak with you. Alone.'

They both turn and speak in a low murmur. Then Ginnies Father waves the runner away. He hugs the Red Box close to his chest as if trying to keep his heart from exploding out his chest. He coughs gently and wipes tears from his eyes. 'I must apologize for my manners. My name is Aceth, I am a Master Alchemist. My duties to my college have suffered due to my personal trials, but they now call again. I suspect I might need your talents again, please meet me in Alchemist Quarter. I'm not sure what's going on, but something is troubling the College.'

You must meet Aceth in the Alchemist Quarter, he has another Contract for you it seems.

The wide paved streets of the Alchemy Quarter are milling with richly robed figures. The stone faced buildings have intricate carvings and attractive lattice work that cast decorative shadows over the streets.

City Guard are on every other corner, their stern presence repelling the undesirable element from the area. You can imagine the Cut Purses eyeing up the walking wealth, but unable to get at it. You stride lengthens as you begin to relax within the safe and well appointed surroundings.

Eventually you find Aceth, he is being talked at by another Lecturer at his College.

Aceth's face is a blank mask of indifference. The man talking to him seems to be utterly oblivious to Aceth's disinterest. He introduces you to the other man mid sentence. The other Man stumbles a greeting, then tries to continue. Aceth glances down at the Red Box in his hands, then says bluntly, 'My daughter is dead.' The man halts his rambling in amazement. Then flustering in embarrassment he mumbles his condolences.

Aceth just stares at him, in a flat emotionless voice he says coldly. 'Thank you, you will realize that I must now go inform my Wife that our child has been taken from us. You will address your concerns to this Hunter from SK Acquisitions, I have found them most effective. Good day.'

He turns to go, then he rises the Red Box slightly to you. 'I thank you for your work Hunter. I am shattered to know she is gone. But at least I know now and can grieve for my Daughter.' He straightens up momentarily and clenches his jaw, 'I now must break the news to Martha.' He walks away slowly.

The robed man stares after him in disbelief, anger suddenly flares in his face for an instant. Then vanishes. 'Losing a loved one is hard, all other concerns must pale before that.' He stands there lost in thought. You patience wanes.

You cough loudly, then say in a curt tone. 'I'm from SK Acquisitions. What can I do for you?' This snaps him out of his musings. 'Oh right. Well I have much to discuss. My name is Harris Dickinson, I'm sorry but we should not speak of these matters in the street. Meet me in the reception area of the Society.' You look dumbly back at him. Harris blinks at you, 'Ummm, you know, the Karthak Alchemy Society. I'll meet you there.'

You receive 6,299,564 Xp