Cloaked Darkness

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963 Karthak (Magic Quarter) (9, 7) SK X Medallion (Complete Ravenous Lurkers)




  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Karthak (Magic Quarter) (5, 7)
  3. Invent Wraith Sign
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Karthak (Martial Ward) (11, 11)
  6. Obtain Karthak Suppression Order Recipe
  7. Invent Karthak Suppression Order
  8. Return to Karthak (Martial Ward) (11, 11)
  9. Go to Karthak (Fort) (2, 7)
  10. Obtain Karthak Legionnaire Ring Recipe
  11. Return to Karthak (Martial Ward) (11, 11)
  12. Go to Karthak (SK Vault 5) (2, 2)


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You recognize the Seer from your visit to the Shambles. Jamesina Page looks at you with vague indifference that makes you have to work at greeting her with a smile. 'Ah, Hunter. May I see you Medallion. I realize we have met before, but in my world of polymorph spells, I need to make certain you are who you look like.'

She looks at the Medallion closely, 'My word, you have been busy! I was under the impression that the life a of Hunter was a short one. I'm pleased to see I was mistaken. You can prepare for the task ahead, I shall wait.' The Seer hands you back the Medallion.

You receive 1 x SK X Medallion

Looking around the Magic Quarter you are struck by the dingy atmosphere of the place. There seems to be a heaviness to the air that is vaguely oppressive. Jamesina waits for you with rising impatience, 'Are you ready?'

She gives you an odd look, 'Something wrong?' You glance around, then mention that in other parts of Karthak City it has has wide roads and nice buildings. You were expecting something similar from a place populated by Mages. Not an area of dingy gloominess. The Seer stares at you in astonishment, 'Yes, exactly. There was a time when the Mages Quarter was a place of contented study. But that is no longer. We rarely leave the Quarter as the vast majority of our Customers come to us. We can sit and concentrate on our skills. Which is exactly what our Customers want anyway. Everyone wants to have access to a powerful magic user. But with my visit to the Shambles recently, I found that mist filled area more cheery than the Magic Quarter.'

'When you're here day-in-day-out you don't notice it much, if at all. But there is a lifelessness to the area. Also people are constantly tired, even when they have just awoken from sleep. I then tested the Quarter with my Tuning Runes. I have never done that since I first arrived, why would you? After living in the Quarter you are attuned to it. But to my astonishment the Runes fell out of alignment. I then thought of the twisting effect of the Hollows on my sight and wondered if something similar was happening here. I have not mentioned this to my mentor, he is still looking into the Hollows as we speak. It was only the evidence of the Hollow Cup that forced him to take me seriously. I don't want to be known as the Seer who sees the dead everywhere.' She then chuckles mirthlessly.

'So, I require you to look around and see if you can find anything out of the ordinary. I hope you do not.'

You wander the streets and feel as if you are being watched. After not being able to shake the feeling you dart down into a quiet ally, hoping to lose whomever is following you. The ally is so narrow that light does not hit the cobbled floor. From the end of the dark backstreet you hear a harsh laugh.

An oily voice crawls out of the darkness, 'I am Gallkin Gorkesh, at your service. Few come here and those who do are either running from something trying to kill them. Or looking for something to kill someone. Which are you?' You smile at the gloom, then walk to the end of the dark.

You are surprised by what you find sitting on a broken barrel. Gallkin has a look of a Gomji Goblin, but his skin is not the same shade of green and slightly taller. He smiles up with a mouth slightly too wide for his angular face. 'It is also odd that I am approached with such purpose. I take it you are used to doing the killing?' You ask what he is doing sitting in the dark. The odd little man-goblin drums his overly long fingers on the barrel, 'What are we doing but wandering around the darkness of our lives. It is the wish of the gods that we do so. But I am also a seller of... Specialty goods. Now what are you doing here Warrior?'

You tell him that you have been tasked with finding out what is oppressing the Magic Quarter. You assume that the strange creature will laugh in your face, but he simply gives a knowing nod. 'I see... Well for a little coin I can not only give you information but also a Scroll of Power to complete your task. Are you up for that. Take your time now Warrior. I would not wish to rush you.'

He then leans forward, the barrel creaks softly and in the gloom his eyes glitter with latent menace.

Gallkin sits in the dark staring at you, 'You wish to make a trade for my help? It will cost you 1,300,100 gold for my assistance.'

You flinch at the price that Gallkin demands, but maybe the strange little man-thing might know something. You hand over the gold. It shines as it falls into his grasping off-green fingers.

'Gallkin must count his pennies to see that is is correct.' Then with a practiced ease counts the coins and they disappear under the barrel. He then looks past you for a long moment...

'Galkin is learning that he can't be too careful. The shadows have always been Gallkin's friend. But not so much now. For within them an evil can crouch. It has only happened recently but it is a hungry thing that feeds off the life of all around it. Because it only walks within the dark corners, most do not know of them. But Gallkin knows, oh yes. Gallkin knows.'

He then hands you a bound scroll, 'This is what you require. With this you can prove that they are here. Walking the within dark.'

You receive 1 x Wraith Sign Recipe

The Seer is deep in conversation with another robed figure. As you approach the person bows to Jamesina and leaves hurriedly. She turns to you, 'Have you found any sign of anything untoward within the Magic Quarter?

She looks at the foul object with a mixture of fascination and revulsion. 'What is this?' You tell her that you had a conversation with Gallkin Gorkesh, he sold a scroll that allowed the Wraith Sign to be constructed. There are Gloom Wraiths all over the Magic Quarter.

Jamesina blinks at you in astonishment, 'You saw Gallkin Gorkesh! There are tales of that odd little imp all over the Magic Quarter. It is said he only manifests to those who will pay good coin for dark purposes. I was not aware he actually existed. But I shall send this to my mentor. They will see about these Gloom Wraiths. I am beginning to think that the undead are going to pop up everywhere.'

She closes her eyes and mutters under her breath, then in a sudden flash of light the Wraith Sign vanishes into thin air. 'There. That should give him something else to ponder. Gloom Wraiths do not kill outright if memory serves me correctly. They are a parasitic undead that feed off the living. Though in large numbers they could be a danger. Though it does explain the sudden depressive air to the Magic Quarter. Anyway, I am pleased that you resolved the question for the time being. Unfortunately we have another pressing task in hand.'

'The runner you just saw has just informed me that there is an crisis brewing in the Martial Quarter of all places. I shall meet you there.'

You follow Jamesina through the Martial Ward. It reminds you very much of the Guard Quarter but there is an atmosphere of panic.

She walks straight up to a rather impressive guard Officer sitting on a large warhorse. 'I received your missive. What's wrong Patton?' The armored Legionnaire seems to shrink into his helmet. 'You remember my wife convinced me to have that reading done? You said that I would have to stand alone in a river of evil. I laughed it off at the time.' Jamesina shrugged, 'Yes, I only say it as I see it. It's hard to take at times, I understand.'

'Well I'm not laughing now. I have been told to, suppress this area. That entails forcing everyone off the streets. I can use deadly force if necessary. It's only used in times of invasion to keep the civilian casualties down to a minimum. Our job is to protect the People not kill them in the crossfire. But I don't see any invading armies at our walls, do you?'

Jamesina looks blankly up at him, 'No, there is a problem with Undead rising within Karthak. But we are extremely adept with dealing with such threats. There is no invasion though.' The Sergeant shifts on his horse, 'Exactly, but I have not received any official notification of the order. Only a verbal one. I need the written order before I can go to the Royal Court and ask for clarification on it. But I can't appear to leave my post. Do you see my dilemma? I heard that you have recently been hiring Hunters and thought you might know someone who can help.' He looks past her and nods at you. 'I see that the rumor was correct.'

Jamesina looks over at you, 'I think we can assist with your difficulty Michael.' You stare back at her. You really don't want to get embroiled within an internal power struggle of Karthak. You say quietly, 'I'm sorry, but that sounds like a brand new Contract. I would need the go ahead from either Sathkaan or Klines to do it.'

The Seer smiles at you, 'Yes, I understand.' She oddly looks directly past you. 'But I also enjoy not having to depend on others to get task completed. You have simply done what I asked Hunter. Not argued or questioned. Simply executed my wishes. To be honest, it has been a revelation to me. I've always had to depend on others to let me do anything. You get used to that you know.' A runner suddenly arrives and hands her three packages.

She opens them up and you are astonished to see three SK Knives. The sames ones that Klines and Sathkaan use to notch your Medallion. 'Did you know that your company offered shares just yesterday? I set up two shadow companies and bought them all. This means I now have controlling interest in SK Acquisitions. Now I may just be a Seer, but I am paid extremely well for my talent. So as of now, I am Executive Director of the company, I can tell you to do whatever I wish. And I wish that you help Michel find his Orders. Try finding out from the Karthak Mounted Legionnaires in the area.'

You can't help but smile back at her, in a quiet voice to say, 'As you command.'

You must find the Suppression Order for your Executive Director.'

The Legionnaire watches you go, 'You do know Jamesina, that Hunter is a very dangerous person.' She laughs, 'Yes, believe me I am well aware of that Sergeant Patton. Well aware indeed.'

The Jamesina is chatting to Sergeant Patton when you return. He looks down from his warhorse, 'Have you managed to quire an intact Suppression Order?'

He takes the order, 'Thank you for this Hunter. But I need to make sure that the Order is not simply restricted to our regiment. I need you to check the other Legionnaires, go to the Fort and see what orders they have.

You enter the Fort and are immediately attacked by Legionnaires. Though their movements and mindless ferocity that reminds you of Undead, they still give you a good fight. You then hear a call for help. Turning you see a Legionnaire laying on the floor fighting for breath.

You rush up to the mortally wounded soldier, he hands you a crumpled parchment. 'Stop them... I refused to wear the ring...' The light of life leaves his eyes and his gauntleted hand hits the floor.

You do not understand what is going on here, but the only sane Legionnaire you have met is one who refused to wear the Legionnaire Ring. You should give one to Sergeant Patton.

The Sergeant is looking for your return. 'Excellent Hunter, have you discovered if the Legionnaires of the Fort are under the same orders?'

You shake you head and explain that the Legionnaires seem to be acting strangely. They also seem to be wearing this ring. Patton Looks at it, 'I don't recognize it. I will have it looked into. Right now I need to go to the Royal Court and get clarification on this Suppression Order.'

He is about to spur is horse when you grab the harness and halt the horse. You say is a stern voice, 'Remember Sergeant, don't EVER put that ring on. No matter who asks.' He looks at you, 'Alright Hunter, I hear you.' You release the horse and he gallops off out of sight.

Jamesina watches him go, she asks 'Why is it so bad that he put on the ring?' There are some things that you really should not share with other people. You have come to learn this. But she is too perceptive a person to lie to. You say in carefully chosen words, 'Everyone wearing that ring seemed to be acting like a Zombie. I did not want that to happen to your friend.'

The Seer blinks at you, then bites her lower lip. 'We seem to be seeing undead appearing in the oddest of places recently, maybe we should check out the North Gate to make sure that some parts of Karthak Defense are unaffected. But that is beside the point. Right now I need your Medallion, you have completed this Contract after all. And I want to use my new knife.'

Jamesina asks, 'Can I have your Medallion, I need to add a notch to it.'

She takes the Medallion and carefully notches the the disc. 'We also have a Hall of Vaults. Which was the last one you went to?' You tell her is was the fourth Vault. She smiles, 'Well, you can now enter Vault 5 and receive your well earned reward. When your done meet me at the North Gate, I need to check the Gate Sentries there have not been corrupted like you say the Legionnaires have been.

You recieve 13,089,486 Xp + 1 x SK XI Medallion

The Vault is small and completely empty apart from a thin statue standing in the center of the chamber. With a cold stare it asks, 'You have come for your Reward?'

The Golem hands you a small tightly wrapped object. He then folds his arms and stares off into the distance.

You receive 1 x SK Rune