Making an Impression

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966 Karthak (North Gate) (8, 8) SK XI Medallion (Complete Cloaked Darkness)




  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 200 North Gate Sentries
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Karthak (SK Vault 6) (2, 2)
  5. Go to Karthak (Harbour) (16, 7)
  6. Go to Karthak (Seastone Keep) (10, 14)
  7. Invent Seastone Pendent
  8. Return to Karthak (Seastone Keep) (10, 14)


  • 6,152,456 XP

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The North Gate is exactly the same as the Southern one, just without the traffic of people going through it. As you enter you hear the faint sound of Jamesina screaming at someone. Following the sound of the irate Jamesina is not a difficult task. You find her nose to visor with a Gate Sentry. The Sentry looks at you, Jamesina follows his gaze and when she sees she shrieks, 'Ha! Show this fool your Medallion!'

The Sentry looks at it with vague curiosity, 'It is a nice piece of jewelry. But we have not heard of such an outfit. I cannot comply with your wishes.' He hands it back to you.

In a low almost guttural growl she whispers to you, 'They do not believe that I am apart of SK Acquisitions. They also do not even know who the company is. I want you to defeat 200 North Gate Sentries, do not kill them. I just want them hurt – lots. Return when you are done. They will never forget the name SK Acquisitions!'

You receive 1 x SK XI Medallion

Jamesina glares at you in pure rage, 'Have you defeated 200 of these North Gate Sentries. Remember I want them hurt!

She grins, a toothy wolfish smile which belies the predator within, 'Gooooood.' The Sentry standing next to her looks around for his brothers in arms. But only sees the blood of the wounded trickling between paving stones. He instantly draws his sword but Jamesina raises a lazy hand. A ring of blue light manifests around him, magical runes spin within. The Sentry freezes and gives a long wail of agony.

'Now then, where are your secrets.' Her eyes glow with a blue white light. The sentries wail intensifies into a sharp scream. The Seer lets her hand drop. The arcane runes fade and the blue ring evaporates. Only then does the Sentry stop screaming and drops to the ground with a shuddering thud as if dead.

'It's interesting how so many dismiss the Seer, Hunter. Did you know that the waking mind stands on the foundation of memory. If you take away that foundation it drops the waking mind into a dark void.' She looks down at the Sentry. 'It will take a few days for the effect to wear off. He will wake up in a puddle of his own drool and from this day forth, I shall haunt his nightmares from time to time. But as a Seer, I can look into both future and past. I have sifted through his memory and discovered that the Sentries are in fact trained at Seastone Keep. Which is the obvious place to do that when you really think about it.'

'Now, it's best if I have a moment to simmer down. Give me your Medallion and I'll notch it. You can also go get a reward from Vault 6. I think it's safer for you to stay away from me for a bit. Meet me Seastone Keep, I'm not finished with these Sentries, they are just far too self righteous for my liking. I will arrange a boat to take you to the Keep. Look for for a Sailor in the Harbor. You will use his boat.'

You receive 1 x SK XII Medallion

You return to the Hall of Vaults, the sixth Vault swings open and a Pale Statue looks at you thoughtfully. 'You are here for your reward?'

The Golem hands you a Sword. 'I always wonder what you have done to warrant such a prize. Was it a good deed or evil? But I suppose such questions will only be answered by you. Enjoy your Sword, Hunter.'

You receive 1 x SK Sword

Standing on the Harbor wall you find a dazed Fisherman. He is constantly muttering under his breath.

He stares unblinking into the middle distance, you lean closer and suddenly realize that he is saying your name over and over. You point at the boat next to him and ask, 'Is it alright if I take your boat?' He stares at nothing, muttering you name...

I'll just use your boat.

You step into the boat and to your relief the Fisherman immediately starts to scream that his boat has been stolen. You wave at him as you sail across the water toward Seastone Keep.

Stepping off the small fishing boat you look around the miserable island. In its center stands a massive castle with a lighthouse set in the tallest tower. You pull your cloak tighter around you against the bitter sea wind that is coming off the oddly dark sea. You start to walk and it isn't long before you find Jamesina standing with her hands on her hips staring at the castle.

Her face is cold, and not just due to the wind. She greets you with a brittle smile, 'Glad you made it.' You cough slightly and shift on your feet, you say quietly, 'Was it really necessary to do that to the Fisherman? I could have given him some coin you know.' She turns on you, 'I have spent my life pandering to those who do not recognize my school of magic as important. It's about time they saw me for who I am!'

Again you see the pain of mockery in her through the wall of wrath. You can only imagine what she has gone though at the smirking condensation of Summoners and Sorcerers year after year. You take a deep breath, 'Well, I can only tell you what I experience. I see you leaving a powerful protector of the City is gibbering fool and an innocent Fisherman babbling at the sky. As a Director of SK Acquisitions, you need people to respect you. Not be fearful of you. Now I have battled Mages and Demons and to be honest, I find this vengeful Jamesina quite frightening. I'm not easily frightened. I'm surprised that an intelligent woman like yourself, does not realize that her most powerful weapon is the underestimation of others. That opens them up to manipulation much easier. Just rain in the cosmic powers or you will come to a sticky end. That's all I'm going to say. Now, what are we doing in the gods forsaken place?'

The Seer stares at you for a moment. Anger flares up within her, then slowly drains away as your words eventually impact her. She turns and points to the large castle at the center of the small Island. 'That is Seastone keep, the knoll is named after it. It has stood here for nobody knows how long. Though the City has reinforced it over time to somewhat ridiculous levels. I'm not the only one who is concerned by the North Gate Sentries. An established Patron has asked me to look into them. There is a concern that they are dabbling with dark arts. We need to find out which Demon they are trafficking with and put a stop to it.'

She folds her arms in frustration, 'They will not allow us access to the Stronghold. But first, I need you to go make sure that these Initiates are not under the dark influence before we can move on.'

Jamsina waits impatiently for your return, 'Have you checked out the Initiates for any dark influence?'

You hand over the pendent, and tell her that this was all that was on them. She looks at it with growing concern. 'This does not seem right Hunter. But our Patron was adamant that we explore the Seastone Keep fully. I can only assume that maybe the evil influence is more evident the deeper we go. 'Come on, let's check out the Castle. I've always wanted to see it.'

You receive 6,152,456 Xp