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Primary Stats

There are six primary stats. These are Attack, Defense, Armor, Damage, HP, and Stamina.

All of these stats can be increased by wearing various items. The first five stats can also be permanently increased by putting points into them every time you level up and temporarily increased by buffs cast on yourself. Stamina can also be increased by character upgrades.

Attack vs. Defense

Attack and Defense determine your chance to hit your opponent in combat.

Attack > Defense = Hit
Attack < Defense = Miss

More specifically, in each combat, a random percentage between -5% and +5% is applied to the attacker's attack (and another one to the defender's defense), meaning that it is recommended you have at least 10% more attack than your opponent's defense to be sure of success. Also, there is a 2% automatic chance that you will miss an attack regardless of your attack.

On the flip side, the more defense you have, the smaller the chance of your opponent hitting you. There is also the same 2% automatic chance that the opponent will hit you regardless of your defense.

Damage vs. Armor + HP

Damage, Armor, and HP determine the outcome of a round of combat.

Damage > Armor + HP = Kill
Damage > Armor      = Wound
Damage < Armor      = Miss / -1HP

When you hit your opponent, their armor absorbs part of the damage. Whatever damage is left gets taken from their HP. Because of this, you want to have more damage than your opponent's combined armor and HP or they will take multiple hits to kill.

Similarly, if you want to be safe from your opponent's hits, you need to have enough armor to absorb all their damage. Even then, if they manage to hit you, it is possible to lose 1 HP each hit.


Stamina determines how many actions you can do.

Stamina per Action
Map Movement             -> 1 Stamina
Map Movement (diagonal)  -> 2 Stamina
Create Attack Group      -> 20 Stamina
Join Attack Group        -> 5 Stamina
Attack Creature (max 20) -> 1-20 Stamina
Attack Creature (max 40) -> 1-40 Stamina
Attack Creature (max 60) -> 1-60 Stamina
Attack Player            -> 10-100 Stamina

Gain Stats

There are three gain stats: Stamina Gain, XP Gain, and Gold Gain.

All of them can can be increased by character upgrades, certain items, certain item sets and certain relics. Stamina Gain can also be increased by the Endurance Shrine guild structure.

These three stats increase your Stamina, XP, and Gold every hour. Stamina will stop increasing as soon as it reaches your max stamina, but the other two will continue to increase regardless.

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