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Joined: 25/Feb/2007
Name: giggsy
Guild: Mermaid knights
Guild Title: Sunburned Manfish
Allies: CelticKing, sigiloso, SkyWizard, grenas, myssymouse, OrinJaxx, Kementine, Mandrayk, JetPerfect, xylund, Helst0rm, Ilmandir, LittleJom, Shadow30, Slocum, JanMStar
Enemies: none
Medals: medals
Auction House: current auctions
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giggsy's Biography

giggsy is a member of Mermaid knights guild, after leaving The white dragon at level 290 in May 2008 in a difficult move, leaving many friends behind. He is also known as 'The Sunburned Manfish with the Don King Haircut', a named coined by Helst0rm. giggsy also is a member of the Mermaid Knights faction in SigmaStorm2, also overseen by HCS.

-- In 2008, giggsy was ranked in the top 500 players in the game and top 35 players that joined in Feb 2007, and reached level 400 in December.

-- On 21 June 2009, giggsy reached the milestone level 500 (ranked 582 in the game and 31 for his join month on that day).

-- On 29 November 2009, giggsy reached the milestone level 600 (ranked 476 in the game and 25 for his join month on that day).

-- On 04 May 2010, giggsy reached the milestone level 700 (ranked 444 in the game and 21 for his join month on that day).

-- On 20 Jan 2011, after taking a break to rehydrate, giggsy reached the milestone level 750 (ranked 828th in the game 21 for his join month on that day).

giggsy's full body centerfold shot


Please send me a fsp if you enjoyed this photo

giggsy's buffs

Enchant Weapon 175 40k Adept Learner 175 40k Enchant Armor 175 40k
Spectral Knight 175 55k Animal Magnetism 175 40k Counter Attack 175 75k
Berserk 175 55k Conserve 175 55k Summon Shield Imp 150 1.5 FSP
Dark Curse 175 75k Flinch 175 75k
Wither 175 55k
Deathwish 175 75k
Shatter Armor 175 75k
Arterial Strike 175 75k
Death Dealer 175 75k
Savagery 175 55k

I do not have any specific buff packages or discounts, but if you buy 3 buffs or more I will also give some discount. Also, if you buy buffs from me on a regular basis, I will discount further.

Giggsy's Gigglers

Giggsy's Gigglers is the official giggsy fanclub. Each member gets a Giggler number in the order that they signed up, and each member is allowed to choose their own giggler quote.

Giggler#1 = Helst0rm "I was a Giggler B4 being a Giggler was cool!"
Giggler#2 = Shadow30 "He swept me off my feet, made me giggle *huggles for giggsy*"
Giggler#3 = Alusinki "I was a Giggler B4 being a Giggler was cool! :P"
Giggler#4 = beosyn
Giggler#5 = Roan "Before meeting Giggsy I was a dumb little kid... but, with Giggsy by my side, I grew in a nice and friendly little Giggler!"
Giggler#6 = JetPerfect
Giggler#7 = Merevelle "I became a giggler because he flippin eats "actual" giggles...uncanny..."
Giggler#8 = Lonstrwolf "I have always been a giggsy's giggler, from way back, thanks for making it official"
Giggler#9 = Ilmandir "Giggity, giggity, giggity, aww right!"
Giggler#10 = zig951
Giggler#11 = Shaydeling

see Helst0rm or Shadow30 to join the fanclub

giggsy's monkey


Helst0rm: Giggsy, I touched the monkey... I feel dirty inside, is that how I'm supposed to feel?
giggsy: Yes you should feel dirty, but also satisfied.

Special Recognitions

Winner Bronze Medal for Most XP Overall and Silver Medal in the Epic Class (lvl 200+) in the The White Dragon Leveling Tournament 2008!
Mbroo.png Msile.png

FallenSword medals: Loyalty (Gold), Adventurer (Silver), Annual Service (Bronze)