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Greatness comes to those who take it.

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Joined: Jan. 17 2007
Name: Sigiloso
Medals: 0_2.gif 1_2.gif 2_3.gif

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Guild: The Eternal Warriors



My name is Sigiloso, Once upon a time i found myself in Krul Island about 17 January of 2007, i was having fun rampaging against the natives of the area.

While exploring undiscovered realms, i met the people that will show me the true meaning of friendship Acvila, Mrozo, Clearwitch, Darkpig, Stu1981, Matrice, Myanmar, Killa06, Demondog, Tharnakus great people.

The day June, 6th 2007, i found The Eternal Warriors guild together with Darkpig.

I was racing with Darkpig for the top spot, when soon we traded msn and started to talk 24/7, with the same team philosophy we decided to found The Eternal Warriors in the early days of June; i was at that time lvl 160. Our guild was young by then when acvila, AquaTimez and SAUR0N joined our quest.

In July, our old friends from Dreadblade merged with our guild, with a spirit never seen before we climbed the top guild rankings, quickly conquering the number One Top 250 Guilds.....


Together with Darkpig lead The Eternal Warriors guild to the number 1 ranking in the top 250 guilds.

First ever to get 7 medals.


Top 1 player for 2 months




Guan Yu Sigiloso.JPG

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