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Gold Gain is one of the three 'hourly gain stats'. The others are Stamina Gain and XP Gain. These three stats allow you to slowly advance in the game even when you are unable to play.

When first starting out, each player has 5 gold gain and will obtain that much gold per hour. This amount can be increased through upgrades, certain set bonuses and by being the member of a guild that controls certain relics.

The hourly gain stats let you gain that much of that particular stat every hour. For example, if you have 2 gold gain, then you gain 2 gold every hour.


List of the things that affect your gold gain

Character Upgrades

Player Note: This upgrade is too expensive! Imagine, 1 FSP is worth roughly 150,000 gold in the marketplace. To pay back this upgrade you would require 3,125 days! (5 FSP x 150,000 = 750,000 gold, divided by 10 = 75,000 hours = 3,125 days) That is over 8 years! Even if you max out this upgrade, yes you will earn 50 times more gold per hour but it would cost you 50 times as much in the beginning so the pay back time is the same.


Item Sets