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XP Gain is one of the three 'hourly gain stats'. The others are Stamina Gain and Gold Gain. These three stats allow you to slowly advance in the game even when you are unable to play.

You can increase the xp gain per hour by upgrading your character, wearing certain item sets or items or by being member of a guild controlling certain relics


List of things that affect your XP gain

Character Upgrades

This upgrade is dependent on your current level - the higher your level, the more xp. gain bonus you get per hour. This is from the character upgrade page:

Note that your 'xp gain' is allocated, plus a bonus of your xp gain times a multiplier equal to your level divided by '25' (rounding down). Note the actual value is always reflected in the quick display at the top bar xp mouseover. Note also at lower levels this value is scaled down up to a reduction factor of 10 to stop it potentially being too overpowering. Below level 25, no additional bonus is applied.

Because of this, the more XP Gain you have, the quicker you will be able to level, even to the point of being able to level up in a matter of days without doing anything.

Item Sets