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Order of the White Crow
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Founder: Arlo, SeaDragon
Leaders: Arlo
Guild Allies: WoRRioRs, The Werewolves of the Silver Moon, Warriors Guild, Gauntlet, Forsaken Kings, Fallen Alliance, People Of Lordly Calibur, The English Knights
Guild NAPs:
Guild FDPs:
Guild Enemies:


White Crow, Loyalty and Honor above all things.
To the Brave and Faithful nothing is difficult...


Guild Website

For more detailed information please visit our website and forum:


When Arlo was level 3, and had just started playing, he received a level 75 sword from a level 12 player named SeaDragon. SeaDragon said Arlo could keep the sword if he joined his new guild which had only 4 other low level members. Arlo told him who he was and said that the only way he would join SeaDragon's guild was if he would join him in building the best guild in the game! Other guilds were already very large and had been playing for months. In spite of this SeaDragon agreed and the rest is history...oh, and Arlo sent the sword back.

Order of the White Crow is currently ranked 3rd in the Top 250 Guilds. We have 124 member slots and fully upgraded structures.

We are honoured to have members in the Top 250 Players, as well as a member who has a Silver Medal for being the #1 player in the game.


Our philosophy is simple: Loyalty, honour, respect. We support each other and our allies.

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. A friend to one of us is a friend of us all.

White Crow members work together to further our guild. We are highly respected and treat others as we would be treated by them.


  • We do not encourage PvP.
  • Never attack a member of an allied guild.
  • We will help our allies in need.
  • Items can be shared between members if all parties are in agreement and abide by the conditions.
  • Items will be recalled if not returned as agreed.
  • Never ask for buffs in chat.
  • Never ask for more than 2 buffs from any 1 player, and specify which buffs.
  • No cursing or politics in chat.
  • Join groups when formed.
  • Be considerate of fellow members' stamina.
  • If you take an item from the Guild Store you must equip it immediately.
  • Do not store items in the Guild Store which can be purchased cheaply from the Auction House.

How to join

If you would like to join our Guild, and are a level 250+ player and agree with our rules and philosophy, apply on our guild forum and send a PM to adedeb or Ogrvity.