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'Gauntlet' [1]
Founded: Jan.02.2007
Founder: Thoran
Enemies: Pending...
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This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.


Guild Deleted: 2023

Upon returning in 2019, I found our Alliances dissolved, they were: The Light Force, Dark Pagans, Dragon Lair, The Wizards Lair, Order of the White Crow, Fallen Alliance, Celtic Warriors, Red Eagles, The Legion of Doom, People Of Lordly Calibur, Camelot, Phools Paradise, Elite, Deadly Spiders, Stowarzyszenie oBlednych Rycerzy|

and my members vacated. roundguy, TTCanadian, Darkdreamr, EEsMom, JuggerN8, maynoth, Knightmus, Sochor, AMBIVOLENT, Foxo79, gepet0, danilykins, twitch32, Zheroth, Ebolavirus, CoolHarri1, da415playa, poliana, DeadlyCute, TinDaisy13, AuroraV, DeathMarch, Nika, Odium, Mystiikos

"Your stumbling from exhaustion, bleached white bones littering the path under your feet. When dimly up ahead you see a castle with it’s drawbridge blazing red in the bloodshot twilight. Suddenly a scream from within the castle pierces the night... could this be the place you seek? You stumble onward, desperate for confirmation and full of hope, you reach the gate, a broken board affixed to it confirms you have reached..."

Haunt of the Thoran Cyclops,
Home to the fabled "Wall Of Shame II"

A place of dread welcome for those who are worthy, a place of fear to those who have reason to fear, a place where vengeance is dealt harshly against those who dare offer harm to the loyal, a place where like minds can meet and share in the glory of the hunt.

Yes, this is the place you seek, it’s legend precedes it. Long have you heard tales of the 23 fabled and enhanced structures which are a part of it’s domain, of the treasures of equipment, crafted and forged, which lie within it’s walls, to be used freely by all who dwell within, of the meeting hall where all are heard and wisdom shared.

You know it will cost you to become a part of it, but part of it you long to be, a small price to pay for the glories and wonders which lie beyond that fabled gate. You know that to stay a part you must take part in the hunt, sharing your glory and your golden rewards with those within, as you shall surely share in their glory and benefit from their companionship and knowledge.

A better, stronger, person and hunter you long to be. You leave a message stating your willingness, your need, to become a part of it’s legend with the gargoyle at the drawbridge, and retire quietly into the night waiting to see if you have been deemed worthy.


"Through this Gauntlet we will Fight,
A restless Onslaught it will provide.
With Pain & Misery unperturbed,
Oh the Souls we leave Disturbed!"


Gauntlet Was founded on 03/Jan/2007 by Thoran.

It's members, though relatively low compared to other guilds, are made up of Honest, Dependable, Mature and very Loyal players. For this makes a very strong guild. We have a large and respected Guild Alliance with over 15 Guilds throughout Fallen Sword currently. Gauntlet is ranked in the Top 250 Guilds. ...


Guild Founders Council Members Ranks

Guild Upgrades

Max Ranks 19 / 200 - Max Members 37 / 116 - Max Structures 23 / 100 - Guild Store Slot 36 / 2000 - Max Mercenaries 2 / 2 - Max Members Per Group 16 / 50 - Captured Relics 2 / 5 - Enable Guild Item Tagging 1 / 1 - Max Conflicts 3 / 19 - Max Conflicts Participants 12 / 95 - Allowable Tax Rate % 25 / 25 - Enable Guild Advisor 1 / 1

All ranks after the Guild Council are subject to change.
Please see our Guild page for current listing: Gauntlet.


Ref: "The FallenSword Guide" created and run by Crace

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