The Fallen Sword Beginners's Guide

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Thank you for joining the FallenSword community! You are about to embark upon a grand adventure, so prepare yourself for battle. You will be questing for great rewards in exotic locations like the Burning Abyss, the Crystal Cavern, the Dreg Marshes, and the Elya Desert. You will meet fearsome creatures such as scorpions, ogres, vampires, goblins, snakes, and golems. You will be facing great elite fighters and champions around every turn. Kill the right creature, and you might find an item of inestimable value. Join a guild and work with your fellow players to achieve goals unreachable by yourself alone. Do all this, and in time you too will become a legendary warrior.

The FallenSword universe is massive, consisting of hundreds of distinct locations, each of which is filled with unique and frightening foes. You will be able to buy, loot, and trade thousands of items, but choose carefully: Your success in battle will be fully dependent upon your choices of equipment. You only have space for a few items, so fill them wisely. You will earn gold through killing creatures, attacking other players, and trading in the Auction House. Plus, you can earn and use FallenSword Points to enable you to upgrade your character beyond mortal limits.

Since you’ve gotten this far, you’re almost ready to go, but there’s one more thing you must do. Read the Newbie tutorial below to learn the basics of game play, and then get started! Once you’ve played for a little while, return here and read the much more detailed FallenSword Tutorial to learn all there is to know about the FallenSword gaming experience. Good luck and happy hunting!