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i do plane 2 fix this and make it more compleate, anyone reading this do u think i should change the name to "PvP guild"?

I've noticed a lot of mistakes, in the making of this article:
English grammar is highly necessary!
The 2% hit/miss thing is just a legend. It does not really exist, just an estimation, so I suggest you rename it.
Link each of the Stat Attributes; Attack, Defense, Armor, HP, and Damage.
After rereading this article, it seems as if this just just about normal PvP, and I don't see much, if anything, about Guild Vs. Guild, like the title says.

Also, before you decide to place this on the tutorials page, please have it completed. I'm not sure whether or not some other person will decide to take it down, I'll leave it to their judgment.
                 CHiNback - [ Talk - Message - PM ]

ya i was just playing around with it, diden't know it was so serious, i changed to to more of a PvP guide, it was gonna kinda work in progress, and for other people 2 add to, again sorry,

Don't worry about. If you have any questions about editing the wiki, feel free to ask me, Belgrave, or any of the other people that know their way around FSwiki.
                 CHiNback - [ Talk - Message - PM ]
I will agree that this article seems to be mostly about regular PvP and I think if you want to write a guide on Guild Conflicts, it should be mostly about Guild Conflicts with links to guides pertaining to PvP. I did look up your player profile and while I don't know your past history, I did notice you are currently not in a guild and therefore cannot currently participate in guild conflicts. Things like this make people question if you are experienced enough to write a guide on this subject and will damage your credibility.
However, that is not my main concern about this. Right now, the big problem I see is the lack of proper grammer/spelling. While I do not know the level of your education, I do know that most people will not seriously consider anything written the way this guide is currently written. For example, you wrote: must be prepared 2 defend yourself. you have 2 options... The first 2 is completely improper and should be "to" while the second is grammatically alright but would be better in written out in this case. When writing a guide, keep in mind that others will judge your opinions by the way you present them, and right now, the presentation is less than desirable.
For now I am removing the link to this on the Tutorial Page. When you have this article complete and well written, I will consider re-adding it. If you ever need help with any wiki formatting, feel free to ask or check out the very helpful guides at Good luck getting this looking good!
 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM 

i changed it to a PvP help guide, thanks for all your help though and as you do't know me i am guildless because i am OVER qualified in the aera of attacking guilds, lol