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Span Tags

Span tags are very similar to div tags in their use, except they can be applied to a specific portion of the text instead of a complete paragraph, page section, etc. As far as I can tell, their primary function is for the application of CSS. I have sprinkled span tags liberally throughout this paragraph to demonstrate their use as well as a div tag around the entire section.
 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM 

<div style="border:10px dotted #985028;background-color:#5c8727"><font color="#000000">Span tags are <span style="background-color:#0f0">very similar</span> to div tags in their use, except they can be <span style="font-family:Verdana;color:#066">applied</span> to a specific portion of the text <span style="border:1px solid #000;font-size:12pt">instead of</span> a complete paragraph, page section, etc. As far as I can tell, their primary function is for the application of CSS. <span style="font-variant:small-caps">I have sprinkled span tags</span> liberally throughout this paragraph to demonstrate their use as well as a div tag around the entire section.<br>{{User:Belgrave/Sig}}</font></div>

Copying User Pages

I am trying to think of a good compromise here... Charging for your services to make someone a user page is fine, but trying to restrict the use of the code goes against the copyright license used by this wiki so technically we cannot enforce non-usage of our code. It was primarily the threats to remove posts using your code that led me to post the notice at the bottom of my user page.
However, I think it may be possible that we, as a group and as some of the primary contributers to the wiki, take a stand against copying someone's code without permission or without giving attribution to that user for their original contribution. This would require us to decide on a list of rules/requirements that would apply to everyone in the group, and a template we can post at the bottom of our user pages to let everyone else know about the standards to which we hold ourselves. A thorough listing of what adhering users can and cannot do would be posted on the template page.
Therefore, I suggest the following:
  • Users will not copy another's code without permission or giving attribution.
  • Users will not use another's code and claim it as their own (excepting major layout changes, css?, and very basic code arrangements).
  • Users are free but not obligated to charge for the service of creating another's user page.
  • Restrictions would apply to non-game information pages only (users/players & guilds). Pages for items, creatures, etc, should be freely copyable to maintain a bit of uniformity for game related information.
So there you have it... my suggestion about how we can deal with the concerns we all have concerning our user pages and the effort we put into making them. I think this is a good idea and with some discussion, would be worth attempting.
 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM 

Level X Content

Do we really want to include the Legendaries and Super Elites on these pages? So far haven't included them since they aren't readily available, nor would someone of that level necessarily be capable of killing them easily. Also, is there anything else we could add to those pages? Should we include links to currently non-existent pages where others could suggest various level specific setups? I'm also thinking about making a template that would include links to all the Level X Content pages although it might be good to break that up a bit.
 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM 

Alright, I guess we should take it out. Um, I don't see any other way than to list them in numerical order. However, I realize that 10 comes before 2, which makes it kinda weird, so is there any way to fix that up?
                 CHiNback - [ Talk - Message - PM ]
I'm not sure what you're talking about at the end there, but when I make the template to link to all the Level X Content pages, I'll have it in correct numerical value. The category, however, will have it with 10 before 2.
 Belgrave, Moderator / Sysop  Talk  Message PM 

Copied Inventory Section

This is to let you know I copied the code for your Inventory section. I liked the way it was. I like some of the stuff you had on your page but did not copy the page code because it was just a few items.
   DavidAHare,Talk Message PM

Test Page

The preview button is good, but it on works on the page/section you are working on and not on the whole page section you are trying to build. By making my test page I can see how it will look on the whole page and also leave and come back to it at a later time and work on it. Then once I have it all worked out I can actually stick it in the main profile. I also will work on something and then when I can't get it right I will leave it alone and go work on something else and with this page I can do that more effiently I hope. I tried taking your Game Equipment Section code where you have them side by side and combine it with how I have each inventory section by itself and it did not work to good. I also tried to spit the code for the Skils/Buffs into 3 sections since I got the warning that the page was getting to long and might not work in some browsers and since I wanted to add another column of information it would make it easier to have smaller sections to work on at a time. I also am in the process of working on a Template to add certain information to my profile for the members of the Guild I am in. I hope this will explain why I made that page/section.

   DavidAHare,Talk Message PM 17:07, 27 August 2008 (BST)