Siege on Paladir

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24 Paladir Forest (West) (7,15) None



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Wild Cats
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 25 Ramdal Stalkers
  5. Return to Start


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Hello, welcome to Paladir Forest, there is a plague which consumes this region, our once tame and helpful wildcats are now vicious and attacking the Elves in the area. Could you help us out? We are only accepting experience combatants.

I am pleased to see you wish to help us. Now go kill 50 Wildcats.

Return to me when you have defeated the Wild Cats.

Thank you for killing the Wildcats, for your efforts I will reward you with an Unique enhanced sword. We have had reports from our Night Elf brothers in the Ramdal Caves that they are also under siege, perhaps if you could kill 25 Ramdal Stalkers I will reward you further. You gain 1 x Freezing Death, 100xp and 50gold

Return to me when you have defeated the Ramdal Stalkers.

Thank you for helping the Nightshades, has the plague effected them? These are dark times my friend, Take this Unique Armour, may it help you on your quest. You gain 1 x Coat of Blessed Mail, 2,319xp and 50gold.