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FFS was Founded on January 17, 2007 by 2 online friends who played another online game. These 2 players were determined to have nothing but the most determined players acting more as a 'family' than a group. They put everything they both had into the game as quickly and efficiently as they possibly could.

After over 2.5 years of founding the guild, on October 25, 2009, FFS became the #1 guild in Fallen Sword, this was all due to the Original Founders : RETSNOM and Philio. If not for them, FFS wouldn't be the guild it is today.

We are always accepting new applications from FS players. Only the highest calibre quality players are allowed through the doors. This is the FFS DYNASTY and it will always be throughout FS history.

Apply here to the #1 guild in Fallen Sword:

For Fracks Sake
Leader(s): Shojua,


Founder: Urck,


Allies: Celtic Warriors, Celtic Warriors,
Website: Guild Website

G​uilds Upgrades

Ranks 132/200 Structures 30/100

Member Capacity 124/124

Guild Store 1000/1000

Guild History 250/250

Mercs 3/3

Members per group 50/50

Relics 6/6

Guild Tagging 1/1

Max Conflicts 19/19

Conflict Participants 95/95

Tax Rate 25/25

Guild Advisor 1/1


Guild Founder Urck.jpg
Co Founder Mzzery.jpg
Council of Frackers Dulcharn.jpg Grimnok.jpg Hades8840.jpg Icobod372.jpg
Dulcharn grimnok hades8840 icobod372
Guild Leader Shojua.jpg
Titan Leaders Coatzin.jpg Oldskool76.jpg
Coatzin Oldskool76
Frackers LargeSack.jpg Ji1l0o.jpg Thorhak.jpg Coola.jpg
LargeSack ji1l0o Thorhak Coola
EliJohn.jpg Rdy.jpg Waysel.jpg Xaero1369.jpg
EliJohn Rdy Waysel Xaero1369
Rebostero.jpg PointyHair.jpg Ferpa.jpg NeonaIF.jpg
rebostero PointyHair Ferpa NeonaIF
Fearme1st.jpg Valind.jpg Myakka.jpg Ghearlon.jpg
Fearme1st Valind Myakka ghearlon
DaFlunk.jpg Mesmerize.jpg SirJamez.jpg Genata71.jpg
DaFlunk Mesmerize SirJamez genata71
Beaker9911.jpg Insaner6.jpg RichyboyxD.jpg RumenA.jpg
Beaker9911 insaner6 richyboyxD RumenA
Fiction.jpg Boromier.jpg CoDoT.jpg Rrebelo.jpg
Fiction Boromier CoDoT rrebelo
Quackhead.jpg Budakbena.jpg Blueyes05.jpg Koolweed.jpg
quackhead budakbena blueyes05 koolweed
Ciocionel.jpg CMaclaod.jpg Ozzzy651.jpg Malinari.jpg
ciocionel CMaclaod ozzzy651 Malinari
Ithangor.jpg Jonak66.jpg Underbj.jpg REDEEMER1.jpg
Ithangor jonak66 underbj REDEEMER1
Jebue.jpg Gumbo1.jpg Zzepher.jpg SadieCat.jpg
Jebue Gumbo1 Zzepher SadieCat
Kolb08.jpg Linuscrema.jpg Elmott.jpg Shadow1972.jpg
kolb08 linuscrema Elmott Shadow1972
Moho512.jpg Shiaar.jpg Krazy357.jpg Iplaygod.jpg
moho512 Shiaar krazy357 iplaygod
Zevious.jpg RedDomain.jpg SHARAN76.jpg Alisucks.jpg
zevious RedDomain SHARAN76 alisucks
Misterpoo.jpg Geldarin.jpg WERSWET.jpg CyberKhan.jpg
misterpoo Geldarin WERSWET CyberKhan
Endoform.jpg Ozhito.jpg Deadav.jpg Bracko.jpg
Endoform Ozhito Deadav Bracko
Curvie.jpg Copykitty.jpg Buede.jpg Azkasha.jpg
Curvie Copykitty buede Azkasha
Kabeth.jpg Bradclk.jpg SOHAIL94.jpg Conscar.jpg
Kabeth bradclk SOHAIL94 Conscar
Bilops.jpg Pcar.jpg Leroix.jpg DeadlySTRK.jpg
bilops pcar leroix DeadlySTRK
Wingyann.jpg Loochy.jpg Jarizappa.jpg Saic.jpg
wingyann loochy jarizappa saic
Vintee.jpg Xainth.jpg Skidoodle.jpg DarkLucius.jpg
vintee Xainth skidoodle DarkLucius
Colorado69.jpg LordGarret.jpg Denyza.jpg Shadegrey.jpg
colorado69 LordGarret Denyza Shadegrey
Tr1pl3.jpg Almerase.jpg FireflyX.jpg Benzidine.jpg
tr1pl3 almerase fireflyX Benzidine
Dok1234.jpg Throb12.jpg Tdogg777.jpg Serena541.jpg
dok1234 throb12 Tdogg777 Serena541
Ryech.jpg DocSaro.jpg Wknight1.jpg Cooler89.jpg
Ryech DocSaro wknight1 Cooler89
Jerimytimi.jpg Wesleyao.jpg VoPhiHung.jpg Vertex15.jpg
jerimytimi Wesleyao VoPhiHung vertex15
Avalbane.jpg Darrf.jpg Evilaltor.jpg G0ld3n.jpg
Avalbane darrf evilaltor G0ld3n
Morgandy.jpg Zhyla.jpg Regnier7.jpg X0xSkyex0x.jpg
Morgandy Zhyla Regnier7 x0xSkyex0x


9.gif Depths of Despair (Level 2) (13,12)

CharnelPit.gif location (Level x) (xx,xx)

Etp.gif location (Level x) (xx,xx)