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On 17 Mar 2010 a new category of quests has been added : Epic Quests. They are identified by an (EP) at the end of the quest name.

"Epic quests are not unlike your average quest except they are much more tricky to complete and only a hardened warrior should attempt them. Some of these quests may require help from others or feature monsters so powerful they can only be defeated with special items and many will feature difficult tasks that may take some time to complete. Although these quests will test even the most hardened warriors, rewards for the completion of these epic quests will be great."

Quest Area Location Level
Present Darkness (Epic) Cathedral Catacomb (,) 3
Signs and Portents (Epic) Mountain Path (,) 3
Eternal Defiance (Epic) Elya Plains North (,) 4
The Ways of Mages (Epic) Krul Beach Forest East (,) 13
What's in a Name? (Epic) Dreg Swamp Depths (,) 17
Wardens Test (Epic) Magic Circle (Courtyard) (,) 21
Gate of the Abyss (Epic) Magic Circle (Audience Chamber) (,) 22
Spirit of Taste (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (14,13) 20
Spirit of Scent (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (10,9) 20
Spirit of Sight (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (14,9) 20
Spirit of Sound (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (10,13) 20
Quest for the Senses (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (12,11) 20
Stone of the Lost (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (36,3) 40
Deathspinner Queen Web (EP) Leghra Lair (2,8) 40
Blightning of Leghra (EP) Leghra Fortress (Level 1) (9,2) 40
Chalice of Skulls (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (2,14) 60
Wall of the Ancients (EP) Labyrinth of the Lost (21,27) 80
Souls of the Blue Well (EP) The Corrupt Plains (2,17) 80
Souls of the Red Well (EP) The Corrupt Plains (10,2) 80
Souls of the Black Well (EP) The Corrupt Plains (17,17) 80
Forging of the Soul Stones (EP) The Corrupt Plains (11,8) 80
The Fallen Champion (EP) Minotaur Lair (11,13) 80
Minotaur of the Lost (EP) Minotaur Lair (2,12) 80
Element of Air (EP) Land of the Elements (17,2) 100
Element of Earth (EP) Land of the Elements (2,17) 300
Element of Water (EP) Land of the Elements (2,3) 500
Element of Fire (EP) Land of the Elements (17,17) 700