Minotaur of the Lost (EP)

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80 Minotaur Lair (2,12) [none]



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You notice this room is full of whisps of mystical energy. You hear faint voices, but there are so many its difficult to hear exactly what they are saying...

You attempt to listen to individual voices. 'Please, help us. The Minotaur has captured thousands of our souls here in his lair. To release us, you must slay the Minotaur. Beware that he can only be defeated if you are wielding a certain magical item. The Minotaur casts his powerful magical influence over the statues that line these corridors, animating them with dark magic to defend his lair. You may be able to acquire some items from these statues in order to help construct the weapon you need to defeat the Minotaur himself! Please... hurry!'

You arrive back at the hall of souls. 'Did you slay the Minotaur of the Lost? But you will need the amulet the Minotaur carries in order to release us!'

You take the Amulet of Souls in your hand and extend it into the cloud of energy. You drop the amulet to the floor and the crystal in the center shatters with a blinding white light, one by one the whisps of energy disappear. You notice a large helmet in the shape of the Minotaur's head sits in the center of the room. You retrieve the helmet. You have succeeded in releasing the souls that were trapped here by the Minotaur!

You gain 36,026 XP and 'Minos War Helmet'.