Stone of the Lost (EP)

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40 Labyrinth of the Lost (36,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Leghra Lair
  3. Obtain Stone of the Lost from Leghra Deathspinner Queen (Legendary)
  4. Return to Start


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You encounter a large stone statue. It seems cold and lifeless. You notice symbols adorning the surface of the stone.

You lean closer to examine the symbols when the entire statue comes to life. The statue speaks in a deep voice that resonates through the room and corridors beyond. 'Defeat the Leghra Queen and return to me the Stone of the Lost, and you shall be greatly rewarded.'

You arrive back at the statue. It's massive animated form towers over you. With a deep, resonating voice it speaks. 'Do you have the Stone of the Lost?'

You extend your hand and offer the stone. The massive statue erupts with laughter as he swipes the stone from your palm. 'Now the souls trapped within this domain shall forever remain lost!' The colossal statue begins to exude an angry red glow as it morphs into the form of a hideous Minotaur. You shield your eyes and stumble backwards as flames erupt from its crimson form. 'You, along with many others have failed. You shall never be able to save them!' With a final thunderous laugh the Minotaur vanishes, and the statue returns to its original state; a cold hulk of stone...

You gain 8,426 XP and 'Deathspinner Shield Recipe'.