Eternal Defiance (EP)

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4 Elya Plains North (14, 10) None



  1. Go to Start Elya Plains (North) (14,10)
  2. Deliver Viper Strike Saber to (14,10)
  3. Recieve 1 x Viper Strike Longsword, you need the sword later during quest and +550 Current Stamina


  1. Go to Fortress of Elya (Hall) (11,8)
  2. Talk to Elven Shade (8,7)
  3. Talk to Elven Shade (11,8)
  4. Go to Fortress of Elya (Corridors) (15,13)
  5. Talk to Elven Shade (2,15)
  6. Talk to Elven Shade (2,15)
  7. Go to Fortress of Elya (Tower) (8,7)
  8. Talk to Elven Shade (9,6)
  9. Go to Fortress of Elya (Tower) (1,1)


  1. Go to Fortress of Elya (Courtyard)
  2. Talk to Elven Shade (3,10)
  3. Talk to Elven Shade (3,10)
  4. Go to Fortress of Elya (Barracks) (18,8)
  5. Talk to Elven Shade (6,9)
  6. Return it to Elven Shade (6,9)
    • Kill Tolson Karnas (Champion)
  7. Return to Elven Shade (6,9)
  8. Recieve +550 Current Stamina


  1. Go to Fortress of Elya (Sewer) (10,5)
  2. Talk to to Elven Shade (14,2)
  3. Go to Otha Caves (Dark Passage) (17,2)
  4. Go to Krul Beach Forest East (2,22)
  5. Talk to Elven Shade (27,9)
  6. Recieve +550 Current Stamina


  1. Recieve Pouch of Nepeta Cataria, you will need this item to start The Ways of Mages (EP)
  2. Go to Crypt of Valsar (19,27)
  3. Talk to Elven Shade (27,9)
  4. Recieve 1,489 Xp, 1 x Rune of Vanfara, +600 Current Stamina, +50 Max Stamina, +2 Stamina Gain


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You walk the open sands of the Elya Plain. As the gentle breeze shifts the sands, a forgotten Gauntlet twinkles in the light of the Sun.

You brush away the sand and find a silvered plate gauntlet. Then look around for any sign of the rest of the Armor. But you find nothing. The Creatures of the Plain must have scattered it to the four winds. You wonder absently why the Gauntlet survived, then notice the Icon of Light on the back of the Gauntlets hand.

You carefully pick up the Gauntlet and as it rises out the sand you suddenly realize that it has a Copper Scroll inside it.

You receive 1 x Viper Strike Saber Recipe

You open the ancient scroll and see in a beautiful flowing script, 'Forgive my grammar Officer Cadet, I am not used to your language just yet. It is very different from our Elvish speech. I fear that the Command of our Fortress here in the Elya Plain has been corrupted by the enemy, but I have little proof of this at the time of my writing. Our enemy is clever and patient, virtues he has found a way to use against us. I fear that we shall need to defend against our own quite soon. The problem is that the Commanders know all our battle spells, so I have spoken to your kind's Spell Weavers and have found an incantation which the Elves have no knowledge of. I pray the traitorous Commanders will therefore be susceptible to it. Use the recipe detailed below to construct the Viper Strike Saber, then...'

The Elven Script has been worn away by time and sand, You should build the Saber then return to the Silvered Gauntlet.

You return to the Silvered Gauntlet, and stare down at the discarded glove. For uncounted centuries this Gauntlet has lain in the Elya sands, protecting the Viper Strike Scroll.

You place the snake handle into the hand of the armored glove. You jump back at the fingers of the Gauntlet suddenly snap tight around it, the blade shines an emerald green and the sands tremble. Behind you the red stone slips revealing a door.

You glance back down at the Gauntlet to see it slowly fade from sight.

You guess that whatever the Officer Cadet had started, He wants you to finish. You bend down and pick up the now enchanted Longsword. Then, after taking a deep breath you walk into the silent Halls of the ancient Elvin Fortress of Elya.

You receive 1 x Viper Strike Longsword and +550 Current Stamina.

The Fortress of Elya must have been magnificent at one time. But has been submerged under a mountain of sand as if someone was trying to obliterate from the very map itself. You walk the desolate Halls and see nothing but sand stained walls and dark shuffling in the shadows.

You blink when you find a shining light in a small chamber at the center of the Halls.

As you draw near you find a tall Elven Shade standing in the half gloom. He looks at you, then he sees the Longsword you carry. 'You have come, the shadow has overwhelmed us Cadet. Our brothers in arms have fallen but they still follow their duty and try to stand and resist the night. But they have been consumed by fear and still try to cling to life. They continue to rest in their dead corpses and wander these halls in search of food that they cannot find to feed their endless hunger.'

'I require you to free your brothers from their self imposed torment and destroy 15 Elya Warrior Husks.

The Elven Shade waits for you in the dark, 'Have you destroyed 15 Elya Warrior Husks, Officer Cadet?'

The Shade sighs deeply, 'Do not concern yourself cadet, the Spirits have just been freed from the useless bodies they were clinging to. They will be angry for a while, but will return to sanity once they overcome their fear.'

'You have done well Cadet, but I'm ashamed to admit that the Fortress has been consumed by Shadow. I require your help to push it back from the Realm. If you will help me in this, meet me in the Corridors.

You enter the Corridors and close your eyes against the sudden blast of sand filled wind that is tearing through Realm. You find the Elven Shade standing dumbstruck at the storm raging around him.

You can't speak due to the storm, but the Shade seems to have little problem. 'The Fortress seems to have been infested by a sand spirits. They obviously delight in throwing sand about. We require access to the Guard Tower, I would guess that these Spirits have stolen the key. Bring me the Elya Tower Key from the Sand Sprites so we can get out of this mini sand blizzard.

The Elven Shade waits for you in the storm of sand, 'Did you get the Tower key from the Sand Sprites?'

You hand the Tower Key over to the Shade, half expecting it to fall to the ground as the Ring did with the Specter of the Elven Woman back in the Cathedral Catacombs. But the Shade takes it and it glows with an unearthly light. 'Excellent, I shall deal with these idiotic spirits later. Come, let us enter the Tower, we should get a good look at the condition of the Fortress Gates from there.'

You think back to the Elya Plain North and remember seeing no Fortress. But you hold your tongue, best not enrage the Shade.

Meet the Elven Shade in the Tower.

You enter the Tower and are surprised to find no walls or roof. Above you the high cavern roof arches into gloom.

The Elven Shade nods absently, 'I'm sorry but this is the first floor of a 6 story tower... There were two towers on each side of the gate... Now there is no Gate or secondary tower, not even a sky.' He looks at you, silver tears run down his flawless skin. 'The Fortress of Elya has fallen. Please find out who did this.' He chokes and turns from you.

It is as if the Tower has been cut in half, now you look the walls that rim that run around the edge of the floor is not jagged as if torn, but smooth, as if it has been sanded down. You are walking along staring at the wall trying to figure out what could have done this, when you suddenly find a skeleton cowering behind a large round shield.

As you get nearer to the Skeleton, the air around you suddenly becomes icy cold. You step back driven by pure fear, then stand and struggle to regain your composure. Staring down at the Skeleton you realize that the fear is radiating from the corpse almost in visible waves. The Guard must have died in abject terror, it is then you see that he has no sword. Both his hands grip the edge of the large shield he cowers behind.

That is no way for a Soldier to die, find the Elya Guard a suitable Sword.

You return to the Cowering Skeleton holding the large shield in his death grip. A Soldier should have a sword, maybe you can find him one.

You take a deep breath and step up to the dead Guard. Cold bites into you straight to the bone, but you continue on against the pain. You pull at his right hand and it comes free of the lip of the shield. You quickly slip the Guard Edge into his boney hand and step hurriedly back.

You hear a creaking sound come from the ancient skeleton, then a spectral form of a very young Elf stands up from the crouching corpse. He tries his new sword in the air, then drops the over sized shield. He then walks straight through you and vanishes from sight.

A sharp clatter makes you jump, in the corner the large shield gently spins in the empty corner.

Then a slow ragged cry grips the air, you see several Craven run up to where the Corpse was and appear to search franticly for something. You turn and run...

You should return to the Elven Shade and tell him what just happened.

You receive +550 Current Stamina.

The Elven Shade stands gazing at the ruined tower around him, 'Did you find who did this?'

You describe finding the corpse of the terrified Guard cowering behind his shield, the Shade looks at his feet at your words. But when you tell him of the ghostly soldier standing up and vanishing along with the corpse when you gave him a sword, the Elven Shade straightens up and pride shines on his face. 'The young pup returns to his duty when he receives a blade. That is good, I also heard a cry of anguish and a host of panicked Craven ran past me not long ago. I guess that those minions of the Shadow Lord used the Guards death terror as a bridge to enter this Realm. Now that connection has gone, they are cut off from their master. I doubt he will be understanding of such a failure.'

The Shade looks around him, 'Craven are foul Spirits that only bring destruction and misery, I can assume that they destroyed the Towers. We shall need to return to the Corridors and enter the Courtyard. I hope it's still there! Meet me in the Courtyard and we shall see what is left of the Fortress.

The Courtyard is in ruins. You see the cavern roof high above you and wonder absently if it is day or night. But your musings are cut short when you find the Elven Shade battling a screaming Vampire.

The Shades longsword cuts the snarling monster in two. He then finishes it off with a deft lunge to the heart and the undead explodes in sudden flames and is reduced to ash in the blink of an eye.

You gawk at the sheer power of the Shade.

He steps back, 'I, Rildarsin, might be dead, but apparently my skills are still a force to be reckoned with. This means that I can still serve the Light, but I do tire easily.' He sheaths his sword and stretches his arms as if waking from a long sleep.

'Now Cadet...' He looks at you more closely, 'My memory is returning to me, you are not really the Officer Cadet are you?' You shrug and say to Rildarsin, 'I am here to serve the Light. I found a Silver Gauntlet in the Elya sands protecting a Copper Scroll. It had been there for countless generations, it guided me to you and the Fortress. So here I am.' You do not think you should mention the Elven Spirit in the Cathedral Catacombs and the unknown Rune as Rildarsin seems not to have regained his full memories yet.

Rildarsil smiles, 'So the Human was Officer material after all, it is nice to be right now and again. When I entered the Courtyard, I found these pathetic Vampire vermin making the place untidy. They must be here for a reason, please find a clue as to what that reason might be. I shall wait here for your return, I'm sorry but I must rest a while.'

Find a clue for why the Bloodless Neophyte are in the Courtyard.

Rildarsin smiles as you return, 'I am grateful for all your efforts Warrior. I was trapped in a memory waiting for my Cadet to return, I wonder how many centuries I lost. But that is of no matter now, have you managed to find a clue as to why these Vampires are prowling the Courtyard?'

The Scroll shines as Rildarsin takes hold of it, 'This details a Rite where these freshly raised Vampires have to consume a piece of bone from one of our Guards. They must do this within one lunar month of resurrection or die.' He looks at you confused, 'Why would our bone be important to sustaining a Vampire? This makes no sense at all.' He folds the Scroll in frustration.

He looks around what is left of the Fortress, 'It is hard to believe that we have been reduced to this. The majority of the Fortress is destroyed, it is just the Barracks left standing. We should see what is so important about the Barracks that the Enemy preserves it.

The Barracks is a maze of small rooms and chambers. You find Rildarsin standing in one of these chambers staring in rage at the Undead swarming the Fortress.

The Elven Warrior stands like a pillar of rage within a sea of darkness. You do not speak, but stand and wait for the the Spirit to talk.

After a while Rildarsin turns away from you, hiding his face. 'I cannot believe that the Fortress I once commanded as a bastion of Light against the Darkness has become a nest for Vampires. I have vague flashes of memory that the Commanders below me might have fallen to corruption. I do remember sending a new Officer Cadet away to forge a weapon. But I can't remember who that weapon would be used against.'

He slowly turns and faces you, shame marking his flawless features. Please find the source of this foulness. These pathetic Apprentices must know something. I shall wait here for your return.

Rildarsin waits for your return, 'Have you found something that hints at the source of this Vampire infestation?'

You hand the Signet ring to the enraged Spirit. He stares it the rune carved into it, 'This is the Mark of Karnas, my second in Command. My suspicions must have been correct, Karnas was in charge of Training and Valsar was the Treasurer. Hunt down and kill Tolson Karnas (Champion), you will have to use the Viper Strike Longsword against him as it is an incantation he knows nothing off, and so will have little defense against it. I chose him for training my Guards for a reason, he is very good. So watch yourself when you go up against him.'

'I shall try to find out some information on Valsar, surely he is long dead by now...'

You receive +550 Current Stamina

Rildarsin waves you over, 'Have you destroyed that traitor, Tolson Karnas (Champion)?'

He smiles back at you, 'Excellent Warrior. Whilst you were gone I questioned one of the Apprentices and he told me that Valsar not only still lives but is the Prince of the Vampires in this Region. I can't believe that penny counter sold us out for ruling over corpses! He must have fallen into shadow and tainted Karnas to build his own little clan of blood suckers. I just have to find out what price had to be paid for the gift of immortality from the Shadow Lord.'

'But first I want to deal with that scum Valsar. I saw some of the Apprentices using a Sewer to leave the Fortress. We should follow it and see where it leads.'

Use the Sewer and follow the Vampire Apprentices, maybe they will lead you to Valsar.

Rildarsin shimmers in the darkness of the Otha Caves, he looks like he's fading.

The Elven Shade nods, 'I'm fine, just feeling a little frayed around the edges. We need to get through the Dark Passage, but the Serpentine Watchman will not have any of it. He requires a payment of the Water Stone. I saw some of those slimy Serpentine wearing a Sapphire Ring so I guess a Sapphire is the Stone they are after.'

He hands you a scroll, 'Take this recipe and give the Water Stone to the Watchman.'

You receive 1 x Serpentine Water Stone Recipe

A Serpentine with a wickedly sharp spear stands before a Dark Passage. He tilts his head to one side and in an oily voice says, 'Water... Stone..?'

The Demon takes the Stone from you, then slithers back, allowing you to enter the Dark Passage. Rildarsin strides past you, 'Come now Warrior, there is no time to waste.'

Follow Rildarsin through the Dark Passage.

You receive +550 Current Stamina.

You enter a dark forest, the air is musty and heavy with the stench of death. You do not have to go far from the Dark Passage to find Rildarsin. He stands in the small clearing with his fists clenched and flickers visibly, he looks like he is struggling to breath.

The Shade holds up his hand to silence you, 'I fear that the further away from the Fortress I go, the more insubstantial I become. But do not worry about me. You must go kill that wretch Valsar for selling us all out to the Shadow Lord. Just remember - no matter who �Dark Prince� he thinks he is, he's really just an accountant. That oily Elf would take your last copper. No, go kill the traitorous Valsar. He must be hiding somewhere in these woods... I shall wait here for your return. ' Oh, I found this pouch lying here. I have no idea what it is. Mayhaps you'll have use of it.

You receive 'Pouch of Nepeta Cataria'.

Rildarsin flickers like a flame of a candle when you return, 'Is the traitorous Valsar dead?'

The Shade shines for a moment with gratitude, 'How did he look after Centuries of Undeath?' You think back to the cold Crypt where you found Valsar and say, 'His features were twisted with that of a beast. I would not have imagined him to be an Elf, he looked just like a Human Vampire.'

Rildarsin sighs deeply, 'The curse must have been heavy upon him if he were the source of the Vampires in this Region. The evil obviously contorted his features more than most. But I am glad that we have had our vengeance on him. His betrayal has reduced us to ruin and pain. But I must return to my place in the Fortress. I seem to be linked to it now, it is my haunt I suppose. I also need to see what damage he caused with his deal with the Shadow Lord. The Shadow Lord must have gained something from his bargain with Valsar.'

'But that is my task, I thank you for all your help. Take this Rune, it has served me well in my time. I guess you will need it more than I. Till me meet again Warrior, may the Light guide you.' The shade hands you a well worn Rune then turns back into the Dark Passage.

You watch him go, but are unsure what to do next. You wonder if the Elven Shade back in the Cathedral Catacombs ever knew Rildarsin, but his memories seemed fragmented so it was unlikely that he would remember. Maybe his memory will return later. It is good to know that you are not alone in resisting the Shadow Lord, Rildarsin is fighting against the Shadow Lord even after death.

What is certain is that everything the Elven Shade knew has long since crumbled into dust, so you will need to find some else who knows about Ancient Runes to tell you what the symbol the Elf was protecting is.

You receive 1,489 Xp, 1 x Rune of Vanfara, +600 Current Stamina, +50 Max Stamina and +2 Stamina Gain.