Spirit of Sound (EP)

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20 Labyrinth of the Lost (10,13) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Kingdom of Ulthia
  3. Obtain Harp from Ulthia Fairy
  4. Return to Start


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You arrive at a large stone statue. You regard its shape, which resembles an angel. You notice the statue features unusually large ears. You sense something eerie about it...

As you approach, the statue comes to life. You take a step closer and examine it while noting the unusually large ears. It makes you snigger. The statue speaks... 'I am the Spirit of Sound. Bring me something with an alluring harmony, and I shall reward you.'

You arrive back at the statue. It appears motionless until you move closer. The giant stone statue comes to life. 'You have returned... Do you have what I desire?'

You take out the Harp you recovered from the Kingdom of Ulthia and begin plucking the strings. The Harp begins to glow with a magical blue energy before it dissolves before your eyes. 'A most alluring tune, I have never heard anything with a sound so beautiful! You have provided me with an alluring harmony, and in return I shall give you the Rune of Sound.' The statues cold stone hand extends, offering you a small rune. You take the rune.

You gain 1,826 XP and Rune of Sound.