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Player Since: 18/Nov/2007


The old lords of Hanast exiled me to the far reaches of Erildath, According to an old Hanasti custom I vowed vengeance and shaved my head. I must now make my way back to my rightful place.

Medal Name
5_1.gif Loyalty Bronze
8_1.gif Adventurer Bronze

Miscellaneous Information
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27_mini.jpg    Paper    27_mini.jpg

Buff Level
5_sm.gif Enchant Weapon 145
9_sm.gif Enchanted Armor 145
19_sm.gif Adept Learner 145
20_sm.gif Librarian 145
17_sm.gif Treasure Hunter 140
6_sm.gif Holy Flame 145
7_sm.gif Dark Curse 145
24_sm.gif Animal Magnetism 145
0_sm.gif Rage 35
2_sm.gif Fury 35
3_sm.gif Berserk 35
Not Selling Buffs. Guild members get for free