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Paper guild.jpg
Leader(s): * Ellomoto
* Othimos
* Wcoach
Founder: Paperclip
Allies: * Army of the Empire
* Blod
* Esercito degli Italiani
* Knights of Renown
* People Of Lordly Calibur
* RomanianLegacy
* sword master
* TheDarkStalkers
* TheDarkStalkers Second Wave
* The Army of Darkness
* the raiders of the revenge
* The Swordsmen
* The Truth
* Uber geeks
* Werewolves of the silver moon
* WoRRioRs
Website: Paper on the web

Paper is a friendly mid-level guild which is steadily rising in the ranks. We are a dedicated group of players who like lending a helping hand and help our peers grow.



"Yes, for a scrap of paper we will fight
Till our last breath, and God defend the right!

"A scrap of paper where a name is set
Is strong as duty's pledge and honor's debt.

"A scrap of paper may be Holy Writ
With God's eternal word to hallow it.

"By God, by faith, by honor, yes! We fight
To keep our name upon that paper white."

Fragments of A Scrap of Paper by Henry Van Dyke


Originally founded by paperclip, who upon retirement handed the guild over to taliarose. However after helping the guild grow to quite an extent, taliarose went into retirement too. The onus of handling the guild fell on Othimos' [1] able hands who decided that Ellomoto [2], once a loyal Diplomat then Ambassador should be joint Guild Founder.

In December of 2007, Paper merged with another guild the Vardens Elite Army. As a result their leader Cylos [3] took over as a joint leader of Paper.

Under their leadership Paper continues to grow everyday.

Guild Benefits

  • Many structures and more being built everyday.
  • A well stocked armory, ensuring that you never feel the need to purchase equipment.
  • Friendly and helpful teammates always willing to aid.
  • High level buffs whenever you need them.
  • Well detailed ranking system ensures you are rewarded for growth.



  • Management:
    • nayuta - Honorable Duke
    • Baldie - The bald Armory Quartermaster

Senior Members

Joining Details

To join the guild you must be over level 20. Send a join request or PM the guild leaders. You must be active and contribute XP to the guild.