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Joined: 20/Jan/2007
Name: TheLastDJ
Guild: The white dragon
Guild Title: Great Wyrm
Allies: bbqbbq, blaydwin, crace, CupidStunt, DeVries, Kementine, KorinDan, Merevelle, Radneto, Rarara, rihannahir, Tyrath
Enemies: hooftest
Medals: 5_1.gif 9_1.gif
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TheLastDJ's dad died at 3:30 on May 28, 2008, at 49 years old. He would have turned 50 on December 12, 2008. DJ has since quit FallenSword. He has explained to his guild that he may be back in future months, but not any time soon.

TheLastDJ - An Introduction

TheLastDJ (who goes by Tom) began playing Fallen Sword on January 20, 2007. This was a bit past the halfway mark in his freshman year of High School. His girlfriend, Sarah, who is exactly 13 months older than he, started playing on February 15, 2007. They are both in their High School marching Band.

Sarah quit playing sometime (TheLastDJ doesn't remember exactly when), because she was getting so overloaded with homework that she couldn't find the time to play, and she left TWD in order to open room for someone else.

TheLastDJ took his name from a recent Tom Petty song. Tom Petty was the first "older artist" TheLastDJ listened to, and he remains among TheLastDJ's favorite bands to this day.

Skills and Buff Prices of TheLastDJ

These skills are all free for guildmates, allies, and members of guilds allied to TWD, of course.

Category Name Skill Points My Prices
Offense Enchant Weapon 135 5000
Special Find Item 135 8000
Special Librarian 135 8000
Special Treasure Hunter 135 8000
Special Defiance 135 5000

Have a comment about my prices? PM me in-game.

The Guild History of TheLastDJ

TheLastDJ quickly realized that being in a guild was beneficial. However, he did not want to be a part of an already-established guild. He wanted to help raise one up. He, being the huge Zelda dork that he is, joined a little Zelda guild. By the time he hit level 12, he realized that the people in his guild were all idiots, with the exception of Zeen. TheLastDJ left this guild in search of a somewhat more-established yet still small guild. He glanced through the Top 250 guilds of the time, and found The white dragon. At the time, TWD had less than 20 members and was only in the top 200. TheLastDJ applied and was accepted. A few days later, his old guildmate Zeen followed him to TWD. At first, TheLastDJ was a quiet kinda 15-year-old. Within a few weeks, though, he was active in the chat and started going to the FS forum. TheLastDJ helped TWD grow and flourish. Within months, TWD became a Top 50 guild, and it kept on rising. Eventually, however, TheLastDJ got sick of the TWD drama and left. He joined the wicked players guild, mostly because his buddy Chilon persuaded him to (TheLastDJ was thinking of starting his own guild with Maccus, who was also tired of TWD drama).

A few days later, Band Camp rolled around. By the time TheLastDJ came back home, FS was no longer entertaining. TheLastDJ took a vow to never play FS again.

This lasted until March 2008, when KorinDan persuaded him that he could help TWD. TheLastDJ rejoined TWD and has become, once again, a very active player.


Will be here eventually, maybe