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Joined: 11/Dec/2006
Name: bbqbbq
Guild: The white dragon
Guild Title: Ambassador
Allies: firelizard, sadnezz, seath, wolfman2
Medals: 8_1.gif 9_1.gif
Auction House: My current auctions
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Category Name Points Image
Offense Ignite 120 (+25) 30_sm.gif
Offense Wither 125 (+25) 32_sm.gif
Special Treasure Hunter 125 (+25) 17_sm.gif
Special Adept Learner 125 (+25) 19_sm.gif
Special Librarian 125 (+25) 20_sm.gif
Special Animal Magnetism 125 (+25) 24_sm.gif
Special Doubler 125 (+25) 26_sm.gif
Special Conserve 125 (+25) 39_sm.gif

Special Recognitions

Winner Gold Medal for Most XP Overall and Gold Medal in the Epic Class in the The White Dragon Leveling Tournament 2008!
Mgolde.png Mgoldo.png