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Joined: 07/Feb/2008
Name: Blaydwin
Guild: The white dragon
Guild Title: Elder Wyrm
Allies: Timber25, TheLastDJ
Enemies: None
Medals: 5_2.gif, 8_1.gif
Auction House: My current auctions
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A History of Blaydwin's Battles

Blaydwin was recruited to Fallen Sword through an unknown recruiter (who to this day is still earning fsp from him and has not shared a thing...) who discovered him through Warbook. He immediately grew to love the game and found it much more enjoyable than World of Warcraft due to the intensely social people in Fallen Sword. He quickly joined the first random guild he could find Red Agent Mafia and grew to the ripe level of 58. By this point he realized the importance of an active guild and joined The White Dragon where he will stay until they put his body in the ground.


Category Name Points Image
Offense Fury 120 (+25) 2_sm.gif
Offense Berserk 120 (+25) 3_sm.gif
Special Adept Learner 120 (+25) 19_sm.gif
Special Librarian 120 (+25) 20_sm.gif
Special Treasure Hunter 120 (+25) 17_sm.gif
Special Merchant 120 (+25) 21_sm.gif
Offense Dark Curse 120 (+25) 7_sm.gif

What I Bring To TWD

Gold From Deposits Gold From Tax Gold Total FSPs Skills Cast Groups Joined Relics Captured XP Contrib
2,498,860 1,845,642 4,344,502 25 347 162 4 3,972,908

My Personal Stats

Upgrade Cost Total
Max Stam 2 pp_button.gif 6520
+25 XP Gain per hour 15 pp_button.gif 1
+1 Bank Deposits per Day 50 pp_button.gif 1
+1 Inventory (Backpack) Slot 15 pp_button.gif 74
+25 Bio Characters 1 pp_button.gif 17
+1 Stam Gain per hour 25 pp_button.gif 25

Tournament Of Champions 2008 Winners


Tournement 2

Gold wyrm.jpg


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Thanx to all The White Dragons whose pages i stole stuff off of including Ilmandir, Roan,Mandrayk, and KorinDan.