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Joined: 16/Jun/2007
Name: Popandaus
Guild: R O M A N I A
Guild Title: Guild Founder
Allies: acvila, DaFlunk, DavidJames, evfisher, Eyvind, Hekhler, IceDNX, Joe777, KaDaVeR, Killa06, Krypkill, Lizzy, Matrice, midopa, Mistle, MustWin, Noobility, Philio, Phool, Prezze, skylock, Tharnakus, TheEggman, yamamotto
Enemies: Chilon, ilie, sigiloso
Medals: 0_1.gif, 1_3.gif, 2_4.gif, 5_1.gif, 8_1.gif, 9_1.gif, 10_3.gif
Auction House: My auctions
Recruits: Mijrk, IsmaelAD, tamantha
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Category Icon Name Points
Special 19_sm.gif Adept Learner 165
Special 24_sm.gif Animal Magnetism 165
Defense 36_sm.gif Assist 165
Offense 3_sm.gif Berserk 165
Special 39_sm.gif Conserve 165
Offense 7_sm.gif Dark Curse 165
Offense 34_sm.gif Deathwish 165
Special 26_sm.gif Doubler 160
Offense 2_sm.gif Fury 165
Special 20_sm.gif Librarian 165
Offense 33_sm.gif Shatter Armor 165
Offense 31_sm.gif Super Elite Slayer 165
Special 17_sm.gif Treasure Hunter 165
Offense 32_sm.gif Wither 165