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The Spectacular Spider Man of The Eternal Warriors
Killa06 Spidey.jpg
Player Since 27/Jan/2007


The only thing you need to know about me is that I am in the best guild ever, and will retire in The Eternal Warriors.

Medal Name
0_1.gif Bounty Master Bronze
1_4.gif Recruiting Crystal
2_4.gif Top 100 Crystal
3_1.gif Best Player Bronze
4_1.gif Hoarder Bronze
5_2.gif Loyalty Silver
7_1.gif Super Elite Hunter Bronze
8_3.gif Adventurer Gold
9_1.gif Annual Service Bronze
10_2.gif Monthly Top 10 Silver

Got Crystal Recruiter Medal in only 4 days!! My guild I founded, the Forsaken Kings, was the #1 top richest guild for almost a month. Best player in the game for almost a month.
Mini.jpg    The Eternal Warriors    Mini.jpg
Guild logo.jpg

Buff Level
19_sm.gif Adept Learner 165
20_sm.gif Librarian 160
26_sm.gif Doubler 150
30_sm.gif Ignite 165
39_sm.gif Conserve 165
7_sm.gif Dark Curse 160
3_sm.gif Berserk 160
2_sm.gif Fury 165
5_sm.gif Enchant Weapon 160
33_sm.gif Shatter Armor 165
16_sm.gif Find Item 160
34_sm.gif Deathwish 165
24_sm.gif Animal Magnetism 165
40_sm.gif Brewing Master 165
6_sm.gif Holy Flame 165
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