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Phoeni999 3.jpg
Joined: 01/Sept/2007
Name: Phoeni999
Medals: 5_3.gif 9_1.gif
Guild: Mermaid Knights
Allies: Jaya19, Kiken, SkyWizard, Szemi, Usedname
Enemies: Blade00b, Nelf, Playdd

Buff Shop

Skill Level Price
Enchant Weapon 145 15 000 0.png
Fury 145 15 000 0.png
Berserk 145 15 000 0.png
Dark Curse 145 15 000 0.png
Shockwave 145 15 000 0.png
Enchanted Armor 145 15 000 0.png
Force Shield 140 15 000 0.png
Super Elite Slayer 150 coming soon...
Wither 150 coming soon...


The three main gods, Paladine, Takhisis and Gilean, asked Reorx to smith the World for them, that they could fill with their keen believers. From the smith’s sparks sprang the stars and their light brought souls to life. Then the flames of the creator gave rise to me, whose duty was to bring peace among the mortals who greeded for power. During my long lifetime I have encoutered the legendary Mermaid Knights, whom i still help to reach their goals.

Everything started at the creation of the world. Chaos, the Lord of Everything and Nothing’s children: Paladine the adviced, Gilean the wise and Takhisis, the ambitious wanted to creat a world where they could have keen followers, find new knowledge and rule over the immortals. In a world far away lived a god called Reorx. He spent his life in his forge afar from the immortals, where he smithed wonderful objects. Takhisis asked him to help them in carrying out their plan, to smith the world, where he could pass on his knowledge to the creatures living in the world. By Takhisis’ press the immortal smith decided to create the world of Krynn. Sparks became stars on the sky, whose light brought souls into life. Paladine gifted the elf nation to the world, who lived in strict subsistence. Gilean made the humans, because they changed the fastest, they lived for the shortest time and changed their principles the most often. Takhisis became the god of the ogres, who were as selfish and wished power as much as he did.

The Lord of Chaos found out the plan of his children, to entertain himself, he made animals and gave them specific abilities. Among all creatures dragons were the mightiest. The world’s creatures were in war against each other. Reorx could not let this happen with doing nothing, so from the ashes left over when creating the world he created me, with the intention of bringing peace to all nations. Takhisis and his brothers agreed to put me in an evil view to, therefore their followers believed that I arrived to rule over them. The gods prepared mortals to take the field against me, so I had to escape into another realm to bring help with me.

I reached a strange world, where demons ran freely around, attacked different races and looted villages. From the heights in the sky I peered a village that would have met the same faith, however a group helped them out. I did not want to expose myself, so I kept track of actions from the clouds. They successfully banished the demons and the village survived. As I feared that they, too, might attack me, I only followed them for a long while and hoped that they might help out my fight as well. In a good many weeks I visited one of their generals, to offer them my help. I proved that I was not another demon and that I arrived with supporting intentions. They let me join the Mermaid Knights, and while they sank underwater from harm i guarded from atop the surface. Even this very day I help them on they way, and wait for the day when they will help me out.