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NOTE: Kiken is a female character, although her player is a male. I got some feedback that this fact confused some players, this is why I decided to put this line here.

Joined: 08/Feb/2007
Name: Kiken
Medals: 5_5.png 8_3.png 9_4.png 14_4.png 15_2.png
Guild: Mermaid Knights
Allies: Jaya19, Phoeni999, SkyWizard, Will0Wispa
Enemies: Onemanmob



Greetings, mortal. Let me introduce myself: I am Kiken, the Mermaid Vampiress of the legendary Mermaid Knights, fighting the hellish forces. Do not waste your precious time, so let us start with the most important matters, money. (At this part I must note that all prices are canceled for Guild Members and are halved if requested by a Guild Ally. Please add it to Your message if you are member of an Allied Guild, I might not check it.) I teach and have a tiny shop, feel free to look around, I shall tell You everything, part by part.

Buff Shop

Well, I have entered a race, no time to teach You too often. This is why my prices increased greatly and are not really worth the payment, but if you are eager and have the costs, I am still willing to teach sometimes. My increased prices are:

Skill Level Price
Adept Learner 175 1 1.png
Animal Magnetism 175 1 1.png
Conserve 175 1 1.png
Constitution 175 1 1.png
Counter Attack 1--175 1 1.png
Death Dealer 100 1 1.png
Deathwish 175 1 1.png
Doubler 150 1 1.png
Extractor 175 1 1.png
Find Item 175 1 1.png
Four Leaf 175 1 1.png
Keen Edge 175 1 1.png
Librarian 175 1 1.png
Merchant 175 1 1.png
Summon Shield Imp 150 1 1.png
Treasure Hunter 175 1 1.png
Vision 50 1 1.png

Everything together will cost you 10 1.png. As for fee reduction: every time you ask for buffs, for four buffs you may choose an extra one if you please! If we agree on it, I can even teach You any time we meet, if You feel rich enough. You must pay me 5 1.png for each skill You wish to be taught. In case you have a tremendous amount of stamina, we can agree elsehow. However, even this payment wears off after a month. If You keep paying my wages, I will teach You willingly and doing my best to meet as often as possible to pass on my knowledge. As for my guildmates, and whom earned my eternal trust, I am willing to teach them any time for free. This applies to everything I offer.

Item Shop

Want some powerful items, do you not? Mankind are just like that, exactly like vampires, the only difference is the quality. I think I do not have to explain. Anyway, I am not the best merchant wandering the world, but here is my collection and for some extra I might try to get other offers, if I am in the mood and time. We shall not argue over the price, only if it seems way more than it is worth. In that case I do not intend to sell it, but if You come up with a nice price a little bit above its real value, You might get it. Here You go, mortal, select the things You are looking for and which mostly satisfy Your heart and mind:

Item Name Crafting Minimum Level Price Offerer
image=1670.gif Empowered Plague Helm Good

20 10 1.png Jaya19
image=1670.gif Empowered Plague Helm Average

20 15 1.png Kiken
image=4400.gif Opticor Mace Average

408 1 1.png Kiken

I also keep items here for You, for a price of 30,000 0.png /item/day or for 1 1.png for a week. I ask for 5 1.png if you want me to keep them here no matter how long, and I refund you 4 1.png if it gets sold within a week. I cannot carry them, however. This precaution is to avoid mistrust, so I will only put them here into my shop for others to see it and they can get in contact with you.
PS: Do not forget informing me once your item is sold, otherwise you will be contacted for non-existent offers.

Profile Shop

Of course, that is possible also. If You wish, I can create a background for You, the more complex You wish it to be the higher up the price rises. I can not provide photos, but if You press me on it, they will not be the best of a quality. In case You wish any photos attached, You will have to provide me them. Also I will need Your idea and image of Your story, give me some conclusion and I forge powerful words from it, according to my best abilities.

Website Shop

Now that you mention it, I can just as well make a website either for Your character or Your guild. I use, but if You prefer something else, I can send over the HTML and every additional files that the page requires. I can handle HTML pretty well I would say, and have a very little understanding of Java, so do not expect anything too interactive. We will work out a price according to what You would like, just contact me. Oh, and before I forget: here is a reference, Mermaid Knights' webpage.

Date Message
Chat.jpg 19:19 07/Nov/2010 Mowglik says: wow !!! your guild web site is excellent !


And now I shall tell You my story and You shall listen to it, if You want to learn anything from it, mortal. Do not distract me for Your own sake. Let me start now.

I was born on a planet called Earth, as a human. I had an ordinary life: friends, family, job. Once I was late for going home and the world of darkness embraced me that night. That was my last day living as a human, I became a more powerful race: I became a vampire. I still have no idea of how exactly it happened, it happened so quick. But what have happened cannot be changed. I was reborn and continued my life as a cursed minion of the dark.

My sire taught me the life of the night, I had no choice. In the beginning I was clumsy and could not accept my faith. Then one day a kind of light, the darkest light ever shone on me and seized control of the uncontrollable beast raging inside me. After that time the evil took control over my body. I learned how to control my abilities. I learned communicating with animals. I learned how to see inside people's feelings and thoughts. I also learned how to shape flesh and bone to my liking. Over the hundreds of years of my existence I sharpened my knowledge over these powers and improved them even further. My humanity degraded rapidly, it was falling freely and apart, nothing could stop it. The desire for the taste of blood flooded my mind. I killed. Then killed more. Then killed even more! I felt there was no end, only death itself could stop me. I wanted to be killed, but still with honor. I was seeking death but it did not answer my call. Blood strengthened me and the more blood I drank the more I wanted and the more power I had. It was an evil paradox. No one could defeat me. At this time I became familiar with using any kinds of weapons, to the fullest extent. Slowly I became the darkest hero of the night, people and even my own kind, the vampires, feared my name.

Soon Earth became boring and uninteresting. I wandered pointlessly on the planet, seeking for something that I did not know, I did not understand, that could improve my strength. I saved humans, I thought it might be different from destroying them. At that time I have realized what the difference was: to write yourself in the the memories of people, you must take heroic actions. But what is heroic in slaughtering minions, who could never reach my powers? Nothing. Then what is heroic? I knew my goal: becoming a legend. A human-kind that the whole world will know and remember even after death. I have joined a group called Advent Children. Unfortunately the group was made up of humans, thus could not teach me much. Soon the group disbanded. Although I noticed my goals with their help, and they unconsciously helped me crafting way towards it, I could not pass on this knowledge to them and their light faded away, namelessly. I sought for another group, whom i could help and be helped by. Wandering again, i sank to the depth of the ocean, to give myself time and speculate on the meaning of life. The solution soon arrived: a Merewolf, called LuisFMP, invited me to join the Mermaid Knights and fight the evil with them. I did not hesitate with my answer.

So I have joined the Mermaid Knights. Together we travelled to a new universe. I was told their story, that they just fought their battle on their own home planet, but the terrible war destroyed the planet almost completely. We were together, relying on each other, fighting the unkown monsters of this new world. In the beginning even the filthy rats were challenging to defeat, but slowly our soldiers gained experience how to fight in this new world. My abilities came handy for both me and the mermaids. Unable to breath, I easily sunk with them underwater if needed. And in return their help, when a battle forecame inlands, I gave them legs instead of their fins, to be able to walk and fight together. Also I turned animals to our advantage, speaking their languages i could ask small insects, bugs and mammals to spy on our enemies. Only I was left out, I had nothing to fight with but my bare hands and nothing to defend my life but my skin. The great smithes of ours therefore presented me with the great sword of elements. The magic inside saw the world with my eyes and used the element I wished during the battles. I got into the fight with all my powers, helping the people on this corrupted world. We are getting closer to the pure evil itself, we fight our way through the numerous monsters that we encounter, using our elemental powers and soon we will purge this place from the evil forces and continue on to different realms that we had done so many times and we will until eternitly.


Although vampires may not be famous for their helpfulness, I do take revenge for hurting my friends. Yet only one person was foolish enough to attack anybody, but he touched a weak point. Here is his reward for attacking her:
SzemiKillOvidiu31.JPG SzemiKillOvidiu32.JPG
Further THANK YOU to another player for one more level. I guess losing 2,000,000 XP was really worth 60,000 0.png.

Known Forms

Kiken.jpg Kiken2.jpg Kiken3.jpg Kiken4.jpg Kiken5.jpg Kiken6.jpg

Game Progress

Bounty Master Bronze 0_1.png:

Recruiting Bronze 1_1.png:

Loyalty Ruby 5_5.png:

Super Elite Hunter Bronze 7_1.png:

Adventurer Crystal 8_4.png:

Annual Service Ruby 9_5.png:

PvP Arena Wins Bronze 11_1.png:

Titan Victories Bronze 12_1.png:

Treasure Hunter Bronze 13_1.png:

Guild Loyalty Ruby 14_5.png:

Global Quest Qualified Bronze 15_2.png:

Once a Mermaid, forever a Mermaid!

Character Upgrades

+25 XP Gain (1/50):

+1 Stamina Gain (1/25):

+1 Backpack Slot (20/1500):

+1 Max Auctions (3/100):

+25 Bio Characters (6/75):