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Joined: 16/Nov/2008
Name: Jaya19
Medals: 5_4.gif 8_2.gif 9_1.gif
Guild: Mermaid Knights
Allies: Celticking, Kiken, Phoeni999, SkyWizard, Szemi
Enemies: Bastish


Name: Jaya
Age: 21
Race: Mermaid
Class: Archmage
Job: Helping the Legendary Mermaid Knights
Weapons: Magic
Bio: Born in the Whispering Wood, in a noble family. As a child, Jaya did not know about the magical power she posessed, until she was 9. This is also when she found out that she is a shapeshifter. She learned how to control it soon enough. This gave her confidence, and she decided to see the world beyond the Whispering Wood. When she returned home, she found her village burnt to ashes. Jaya then swore to find and and kill the one who was responsible for this. Without a home, she was searching for years for clues. Then, Jaya met Mermaid Knights. Considering she was a mage, she could easily turn into a mermaid whenever she wanted so she decided to stay with them.
Personality: Jaya is a very proud woman. She likes solving her own problems in her own way, without any help and without giving explanations for her actions. She is stubborn, independent and also... big-mouthed, so try not to mess up with her. Despite these, she is also a very sensitive person, and always tries to see the good in others and to help them.