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Wyvern of Valk
Founded: 01.01.2008
Founder(s): silvern, taliorn, rowbeth
Leader(s): rowbeth
Website: this page
Fallensword Page: Link
Recuiting: Looking for active players; all welcome, but we have most to offer levellers and GVG
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Wyvern of Valk

Our Guild was founded on January 1, 2008. Looking to invigorate our guild with more fun active players. We are English speaking with a multination flare. Use this link to join

Guild Members

Please see our Guild page for current rankings: Wyvern of Valk.

We are a friendly guild, looking to help each other get the most enjoyment out of FS. We are well equipped for levels 1-1300, and have players able to share their extensive experience and knowledge of many aspects of Fallen Sword.

Guild Policies

Buffs: All buffs within the guild are free; individuals have their own policies on how many buffs they are willing to provide (usually described on their bios)

N.B. Asking for buffs and then going offline without using them is a quick way to get kicked from the guild. If something happens to prevent you hunting then explain it in the chat room.

Activity: To be considered active, a player must achieve at least one of the following each week:

(1) gain 5 levels

(2) contribute 150k gold

(3) contribute 1 GVG win

The guild's patience with inactive players varies from zero to infinity, depending on a player's length of active service.

Equipment: All ranks have permission to recall items from backpacks; it is expected that items actually being worn will not get recalled except by prior agreement; exceptions are shared items (see next item) and the "falling" and "eternal" ranks from whom any items can be recalled.

Shared Equipment: Some items (mainly epic items) are identified for sharing. They are intended for active use and hence can be recalled - even if being worn - when players are offline.

* Reborn Elemental Air Javelin

* Inferno Hammer

* Reborn Elemental Earth Hammer

* Reborn Elemental Trident of Water

* Reborn Elemental Blade of Fire

Begging: Begging is not acceptable. Do not ask for gold, or to buy FSPs at well below the Auction House price.

GVG: We currently pay 1 FSP per 2 guild RP won, adjusted for initiation costs, and with a possible bonus when the item is sold. Payments are made every day or two. Players must pay initiation costs for their losses (until they have established a good win ratio). Some hints on how to achieve this can be found at WoV_GVG_hints

Guild Ranks

Name Guild XP Comments
Custom 25,000,000 choose your own rank-name.
Night Wyvern 20,000,000 .
Kronor 18,000,000 .
Tarbida 16,000,000 .
The Banshee 14,000,000 .
Samael 12,000,000 .
King Au Xeaha 10,000,000 permissions gained: re-rank players of lower level.
Gogmor 9,000,000 permissions gained: levellers rank for initiating conflict.
Thundror 8,000,000 .
The Host 7,000,000 .
Bishamon 6,000,000 .
Leaf Dragon 5,000,000 permissions gained: recruit; tag items; hire mercs.
Thonomoth 4,000,000 .
Cerebrus Hound 3,000,000 .
Fire Dragon 2,000,000 .
Tevaer 1,000,000 .
Zachorzi 500,000 .
Frost Dragon 250,000 .
Ragf Lokor 100,000 .
Ragghza 25,000 .
Burzzthak 0 permissions include: recall tagged items.
Meng Zhang 200 GVG wins permissions gained: recruit; tag items .
Gorgon 50 GVG wins .
Bobanart 0 GVG wins permissions include: recall tagged items; initiate conflicts
fallen/falling/eternal inactive Items can be recalled freely from these characters, even if they are wearing them. The fallen/falling ranks are at risk of being kicked (depending on current Guild needs).

--Rowbeth 6 December 2010 (UTC)--