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WoV's hints for doing GVG

If you want to do GVG, then it is absolutely essential that you win EVERY battle. Losing even just one of your fifty attacks usually means the other guild will steal the win, and you will have wasted 200,000 gold and 500 stamina. There is NO room for mistakes.

The following points should help you achieve this.

(1) find the right guild to attack. Ideally you want one that is not good at GVG (check the win ratio on their guild page); with no higher level players (>= 150) to cast buffs like deflect, force-shield or last ditch that interfere with your kills; several players that you can hit.

(2) Choose a target player(s) whose equipment will

     (i)   allow you to hit them every time (your attack > their defense);
     (ii)  allow you to kill with each hit (your damage > their armour + hit points); and 
    (iii)  will ensure that if they do get a shot at you they will EITHER 
              miss (your defense > their attack) OR 
              not kill you (your armour + hit points > their damage). 

(3) Make sure you repair your gear before EVERY attack.

(4) Make sure you re-examine your target just before EVERY attack to chek that they have not changed gear or been buffed.

(5) Make sure you finish all 50 attacks for every conflict you initiate.

Please note that the WoV policy is that you pay the initiation FSP for every conflict you lose, although we will give you one or two freebies at the beginning to help you learn. (We will also waive this rule once you establish a good win ratio - typically better than 20 wins for each loss.)

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