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My policy on buffing within the guild

If you are in my guild, then I am happy to provide buffs you both need and can use. By "need and can use", I mean skills that you do not have yourself, that will make a difference to your hunt, and that you have enough stamina to make use of.

My presumptions are that: (i) you already have the major buffs appropriate to your level (so if you don't, then please tell me explicitly when you PM me); and (ii) that you can 1-hit kill through to level 185, and so do not need 2+ hit buffs like wither, deathwish or arterial strike until level 186.

"Enough stamina" means at least 500 when you ask (1000 for conserve and 2000 for death wish, since they activate infrequently; 1500 for arterial strike, since its only for serious levellers), though I would appreciate it if you tried to hunt with close to full stamina (if that is less than 1 day's stamina).

Summon Shield Imp costs a lot of stamina, so I have to be in a very good mood for this one. Better not to ask unless you have a special reason.

As far as I can see, you don't need death dealer unless you are prepared to ensure that you won't die. This means using shield imp, and so you should have Shield Imp already activated before asking me for this one. (Or I should know that you have it yourself)

Buffs are free to guild members. If you feel a desperate need to pay, then either send it to Slivern for the guild, or deposit it directly into the guild bank.