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Welcome to TUGAS: The Uber Gang of Allied Swords.

Leader(s): Bonk
Founder: Bonk
Allies: See list to the left

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Guild History

This is what has come before.....

LoShta wandered the world for many a day, searching, searching for that special place to call home. So much time had passed since that fated day that he had become homeless. He squeezed his eyes shut as the well of memories bubbled to the surface of his thoughts. He paused as he swayed gently in the light breeze. "Home," he thought, "I must find a home!"

One hand clenched the hilt of his blade and the other his shield grip. "And a home I shall find," he vowed.

He opened his eyes to take in his surroundings. The sun shone over the peaceful looking meadow of late autumn flowers. Off to his right were the proud majestic peaks of a glorious mountain range. To the left was a stretch of massive forest that stretched as far as his eye could see.

In the distance he could hear the sound of running water. LoShta followed the sound until he met up with a wide, rushing river. An old abandoned trail cut through the meadow grass, heading towards the mountain heights. The peaks of the mountains seemed so much closer now then before. He shrugged in his armor as the cool icy wind which hinted of winter threaded through his hair and down his back. He shivered as he turned to the left and followed the abandoned trail.

The closer he got to the mountains the cooler and stronger the wind became. He shivered in his armor as the sun’s vibrancy faded into evening. "Not much longer" he thought. "I must find a place to rest."

The trail turned and entered a copse of tall evergreens at the base of the mountains. He could smell the faint trace of ashes on the breeze. He crept silently, defensively, following the smell of ashes. As he rounded the bend.his eyes rested on the sight of an old burnt out abandoned hall….


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