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to come

Allies 56 of them

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N.A.P.s 11 of them

1000 Flames (formerly brotherhood of shadows) Shadows of the Fallen Fallen Legions Besten Hells Fury Shadow Dwellers Knights of Solaris Everlasting Truth Barren Waste Land The Fallen Elite Dark Blooded

We are dedicated to building a guild so that those members who join our guild can enjoy each others company and the ties of a strong willed family. We share in the strengths of all members and if you need something ask we will try and provide it all we ask in return is that you be willing to deposit gold to guild making sure that your needs are met first, we ask that you try and send what you can to The Founder or Co-Founder as they have multi deposits so that they can make a larger deposit there will be times that you are asked to make them please do so willingly.