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everlasting truth
Founded: December 27, 2007
Founder(s): Hexzcor and kymber
Leader(s): Hexzcor and kymber
Allies: The Paladin Order and many more.
Enemies: None
Website: Here
Fallensword Page: FS Guild Page
Recuiting: Not recruiting at the moment.
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On December 27, 2007 Hexzcor and kymber founded Everlasting Truth; a haven for travelers needing shelter from the storms in the world of Fallensword.


Name Level
Battle Totem 10
Health Shrine 8
Armory 5
Endurance Shrine 3
Weaponsmith 10
Shrine of Pain 4
Tranquil Retreat 6
Blade Master 4
Sustain Shrine 5
Crafters Workshop 4
Military Advisor 1
Fury Shrine 5
Guild Registrar 3