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Shadow Dwellers
Leader(s): Mickey123
Founder: Tirila
Allies: See list to the left

This page is a guild page. It is generally considered unethical to edit guild pages unless you are a member of that guild, or have permission from a member/leader of that guild.

Hello To all, Shadow Dwellers is a Guild formed by Radrine and Sleepsalot. Both Former members of Besten Guild where Sleepsalot was Founder Rank and Radrine was Co-Founder rank. Together they formed Shadow Dwellers.

The guild is a small close group of very dedicated Fallen Sword players, where all members are treated as family. There are several countries represented by the members, so players are on in the Guild most times around the 24 hour clock. The members will help anyone if asked the right way. Beggars are not well liked. Sleepsalot has many Allies and Friends that all have a Great Deal of Knowledge - He is always willing to help players with Questions. As will any member of the guild.

Allies and Friend Guilds

Shadow Dwellers are allied with, or has a NAP with the following guilds:

  • Besten
  • Celestial Dragons
  • Dangerously Incapable
  • Dragon Lair
  • Epic Guardians
  • everlasting truth,
  • Fallen Alliance
  • Generals of Destruction
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Hell Hunter
  • Hells Fury
  • Heroes of the Sword
  • Legion of Steele
  • Lords of Chaos
  • Nega Zero
  • Prophecy of the Dark Raven
  • Swedish Wolves
  • The Dark Templars
  • The Death Seekers
  • The Fallen Elite
  • The Goddess Gang
  • The Legion of Fallen Gods
  • The Number of The Beast
  • The Shadow Warriors
  • The Vampires Crypt
  • The warrior race
  • WG Stampers
  • WoRRioRs

This does not include all the personal friends and allies our members has, as the list would be too large. Please feel free to Contact Sleepsalot or any of our Awesome Members if you need help with the game or just want to chat with some great Friendly Players