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(distant "Moo") The JuggerN8[1]. He was the founder of Defenders of The Faith, but the struggling guild was engulfed by the wild, and then he moved on searching for a new home. After a short stint with The DarkStalkers 2nd Wave, he was lured into the Gauntlet. Now, he's climbed the ranks to the convented Spam Master Super Elite rank, where he lures his victims in to GBP's and they are destroyed one by one. Some question his behavior, some think its an act, other believe him to be crazy. All that is for sure is, when he gets bored you should run for the hills. Beware the "Golden Calf Spam". (distant "Moo")

He has earned his place among bounty hunters and provides support to the relic taker/defenders. If you cross him, or his family, prepare for war. He holds a grudge like most hold a cup of water. (distant "Moo")

Skills are Free for Gauntlet Members:

Fury: 110 Rockskin: 110 Adept Learner: 110 Librarian: 110 Find Item: 25